The Creator, God who operates the universe

God’s Sermon broadcast on Thanksgiving Day in 2022
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God who heats the earth

  • Today, as there are some people who have not listened to my sermon, I am going to talk very simply. I have talked about the very high level matters continuously which people could not understand even in the beginning.
    Now, as you should know at least a little bit about the outline of the universe, I begin to speak here today.

    The Christians are saying that the earth was created 6,000 years ago. But the archaeology was unearthing many things a few million years old. There are some beasts, animals, extremely large, even larger than the bones of the whale. The time when they existed, only God knows. It was extremely a long time ago.

    The universe has been operated by God in its entirety. Today, I will talk about the operation of the earth, one of the puniest among celestial bodies for the first-time listeners. People think the crops grow by themselves, but just to keep the earth warm, an infinite army of God’s clones must be engaged as stokers.

    To heat the earth, you should consider so many different levels of elements which are kind of difficult. There is many a rock, for example, 1 meter thick, which stays cold however hard it is heated from one side. There are billions of different structures in the rock. Some structures contain particles infinitesimally minute. Some are so composed that they can be broken down to one cubic micro-millimeter. And each of them can be broken down again even 1,000 times. Each of these mini-particles has different heat conductivity. It is same with such a small rock as this one. They may look same to the human eye, but each of them has different layers. All these should be calculated all the way to the core of the earth.

    As for the wind, the temperature is not constant even at one second. Why? Air consists of an infinite mixture of elements. Even one cubic micro-millimeter of air is an assortment of different elements. It is same with a gust of hot wind. Complete calculations must be made to measure temperature variations from micro-second to micro-second in a gust of hot wind to adjust it to the earth’s heat and prevent grass roots from drying or freezing so plants can grow and humans can eat. Otherwise people would have nothing to eat. Now I would like to stop here as the explanation will be endless. You will now understand “It is a tremendous job to operate the earth alone.”

God, the creator, operates all the celestial bodies in the universe by heating and controlling heat conductivity.

  • Now with regards to the celestial bodies in this universe, there is fire in every star. Not only is the sun shining but also an infinite number of stars are all shining. Moreover, there isn’t a thing that isn’t in motion. If the level of heat goes awry, the motion will get out of control, causing all to collide, break, and smash. Unless the heat is regulated properly, everything comes crashing down. The nuclei which heat the sun burns constantly without producing ashes not like the one the humans found which give heat and burn out, leaving ashes.

    The heat of the sun is over one trillion degrees. Between the sun and earth there are many layers far colder than 140 degrees below zero. Since the sun is over one trillion degrees, the heat of the sun reaches here through those enormous layers of cold space. Despite such a high heat, it is God who keeps the shape of the sun with a special framework which does not melt even at one trillion degrees.

Speed of light that cannot be calculated accurately by today’s science

  • Now let me talk about something more complex. The astronomer of the earth looks through the telescope says that the stars created at the beginning of the universe shined like the sun and their light has been coming toward the earth and now reaches here. It came with the speed of light. Everyone has been taught to accept as common sense here that the speed of light circles the earth 7.5 times a second, which is wrong. No body in this generation has any clue about what decides the speed of light. To calculate by the watch, you should have a watch which shows micro-second. The humans are not able to estimate. With the brain they have, it’s simply impossible.

    With such a tremendous speed faster than the multiplication of the last number the humans can reach, ever since the creation, the light continuously has come to the earth and is now arriving here after three trillion years. The size of those stars is simply unimaginable by humans.
    How about the splendor and heat of those stars? They are indescribable as well. Every word of my explanation here can be spoken only by God, the creator.

Innumerable stars are the accessories of the earth

  • Now, there are an infinite number of stars in this universe. A star, 50 million times bigger than the size of the earth, is shining. However, there is no life in other stars except on this earth. They are accessories to this earth. If those stars are to have some value besides serving as accessories to earth, they should have life. Among the innumerable stars in the universe, the earth is the only one where life is. The Milky Way in this universe is the symbol of the sea of silver in the eternal world. They are all created as accessories of the earth.
    If you classify the stars in this universe by 100, this earth belongs to the smallest group. Most of the stars are bigger than the earth. However, this earth is the headquarters of this universe as God is here. Thus, those big stars are coming down to earth. A tremendous number of meteors are coming. But most of them burn out in mid-flight and others get adjusted with heat and so forth. When they hit the earth, their sizes get reduced properly. It is a profound mystery of mysteries.

    When you listen to my explanation of this alone, you’ll understand I am the main character who operates the whole universe. Every word of mine is much more valuable than countless number of pearls, each of them as large as the universe.

Efforts to get salvation

  • Thus, I am telling you that if your spiritual level goes up, I can disclose to you much higher level of profound truth. Today, even those who are not our church members if they are a little bit educated can find the Godhead in every word of mine.

    Now we are meeting here and our purpose is only one, to achieve salvation. Is there any other purpose? The Christians think they can be saved if they just believe in Jesus and utter, “O, Lord,” which is a total nonsense.

    The salvation, your only purpose, is to avoid getting plunged into the hell of eternal death and to get the eternal life in the Heaven where you will enjoy the eternal joy and delight with God. Therefore, you should make sincere efforts to reach that goal. Otherwise, you’d better forget. Even in worldly affairs, you must be thorough and persistent to be successful. Once you decide to do something, you should be adamant even at the risk of life ten thousand times. You should keep the Law of Liberty, the Law of Conscience, which commands you not to sin in mind and thought.

    The Law of Liberty was inserted by me in the Bible. It is written in the Book of James. Even those pastors who read the Bible one thousand times and read about it so many times had no clue what it meant. I am the one who disclosed its meaning for the first time.

    It is written, 『For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles a just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.』¹⁾ It is also written, 『Speak and act as those who shall be judged by the law of liberty.』²⁾ This Law of Liberty applies to all of you. If you commit sin in mind and thought, forget about getting saved. Thus, your mind and thought should always be 100% pure, clean and beautiful.

    Therefore, “Keep the law absolutely and go to that world.” Are there any other words more blessing? Go to that eternal world and get the eternal joy.

    There are only joy and delight, millions of them, which are unimaginable in this world. Thus, “Let us go there and enjoy.” There, ten thousand of them, millions of them, they are all joy and delight. So let us sing the hymn “Look at our sweet home in Heaven.”

    (No. 532)
    Look at our sweet home in bright and holy Heaven,
    Where dwell holy people forever and aye in glory.
    There, in our sweet home full of joy,
    We will dwell forever and aye in glory.
  • 1) James, 2:10
    2) James, 2:12
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