Disclosing the sinful status of the characters in the Bible, He explains the core principle for salvation

God’s Sermon on Thanksgiving Day, 2023
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  • Today, I am not going to take long hours. In a short time, I will explain to you very clearly the truth so that you can understand.
    The Bible, both the Old Testament and the New Testament, have been thought to be the words of God for a few thousand years before and ever since Jesus appeared. Then, are they really the words of God? Nobody knew, but I declare that only two percent of them is God’s words and 98 percent is not. Exposing myself to be the Creator, I will explain to you clearly.

The sins by personages of the Bible

Only 2% of the Bible is God’s words.
Personages of the Bible who failed to serve as guidance and rather blocked the way to salvation.
  • If the sixty-six books of the Bible are clearly the words of God, some of those characters who appear in them should be models to emulate and show the way to salvation. However, among Abraham and all others, there is none who can be the example for salvation.

    Now, Abraham, deemed the father of faith in the Bible, had Hagar as a concubine and slept with Sarai and also with Hagar. Then, can he be any sample for salvation? Absolutely not. If you exclude all those, only two percent of the Bible is God’s words.

    Secondly, Lot, Abraham’s nephew, said to be righteous one right after Abraham, escaped deep into the mountains and slept with his two daughters in the cave. It’s really harmful. When I say only 2 percent of the Bible is God’s words, I mean all those are to be excluded. They are really dirty and disgusting.

    Now, Jacob, patriarch of the twelve tribes of Israel, had not one but three concubines. He is definitely no model for salvation. He is out of consideration.

    Now, David is the biggest shot in the Old Testament, and he is somebody like Paul in the New Testament. He was committing sins here and there and became the king. When he saw a beautiful lady taking a bath from a high place in his palace, he became lecherous. He had her brought to him and committed adultery. She was the wife of Uriah, one of his loyal generals. After a few times of adultery, she became pregnant. At that time, even a king can be stoned to death before the people if found guilty of adultery. So he became worried. By all means, he wanted to avoid it. So he called Joab, the commander-in-chief and told him to put Uriah in the fiercest battle to ensure his death. Thus, David killed Uriah and took his wife. And Solomon was born.

About Jesus

  • If one commits the ugly sins, can this guy be helpful for salvation? More than 90 percent of the characters in the Bible are like this one. Jesus Christ is one of them. The sinful status of Jesus which appears in the Bible alone is horrible. The records outside the Bible are even worse. There is much literature in other countries about his sins, love affairs, his wife, etc. The followings in the Bible are those selected favorably for Jesus.

    I will explain in an easy way. Jesus was a 30 year old bachelor and pastor. He was going somewhere with some excuse, but he ended up always in the house of Mary Magdalene. On the way to somewhere and on the way back, he did not fail to drop in this seductive woman’s house and stayed in the same room. This story was written in favor of Jesus by his disciples.

    And, when Mary Magdalene met Jesus, she always sent her sister, Martha, to the kitchen and it was recorded that Martha became jealous. You can imagine what’s going on.
    I will explain one more story. When Jesus met a Samaritan woman at a well, it was natural and right for him to say to his disciples, “You all stay here. Do not go to buy lunches. You stay here while I have a conversation with her.” Or, if he should send someone to buy lunches, he should not send all of them. At least, he should have made one of them stay there. Whoever she might be, there was no reason to send all of them. But, he sent all of them and stayed with her.
    She was not an ordinary virgin, not a widow, but a seductive lady who had five husbands. And it was recorded the disciples did not know why Jesus stayed with her alone.¹⁾ I will not talk about it any more.

    Please note that Jesus dealt with the seductive women. Many stories are written in the records outside the Bible. He kept the disciples away to be safe. Paul dealt with the widows, which became problems.

Lechery spread by Christianity

Christianity is the very one that spread lechery to the world.
For thousands of years, they made the world lecherous based upon the Bible
  • Paul says in First Thessalonians, Chapter 5, Verse 26, “Greet all the brothers with a holy kiss.” He hugged and kissed more widows and justified kissing as sanctifying. He said, “You become sanctified, you receive the Holy Spirit and grace.” Thus, he became connected with the sin. That’s St. Paul. Peter also said, “Greet one another with a kiss of love.”²⁾

    Such being the case, not only with the wife of a friend, but with the mother, they embrace and dance around. It is not right for the grown-up son to embrace his mother.
    Believing the Bible as 100% God’s words, they think it is quite all right for every one to ‘behave based on the Bible’ and they all become degraded. They all become corrupt endlessly.

    The Christian churches are the ones which have spread the lechery. The sins are horrible. Thus, you should have sins cleansed and try not to sin any more. However, continuously sinning, they still think they can go to Heaven. Jesus Christ is responsible for this.

    You became mortal because of sins. Thus, you should know how to cleanse sins and should know the core principle for salvation. This is the essential point. However, Jesus himself did not know how to cleanse sins and the way to salvation. That’s why the whole mankind has been in vague status for the last 2,000 years.

    With falsehood, they make you blind. With falsehood, they make you follow the wrong way. With falsehood, they make you miss the right way and get into the total darkness. They make the blind man fall into the pit. The theologians, missionaries and pastors are those who are responsible.

God who revealed the falsehoods in the Bible

The essence of salvation is to be free from sin.
Jesus is accountable for proclaiming that salvation is attainable even for sinners.
The essence of salvation is to free from sin.
  • Today, those who came for the first time here, please listen. It is the lust which makes the devil more and more victorious. The whole world is committing lustful behaviors, even those who believe in religion. They are continuously committing sins and going around. Do you think the Holy Spirit will be with them? The Holy Spirit will be leaving. Without knowing it, you cannot get salvation. For the last two thousand years, it is written a numerous number of theologians and missionaries have received the Holy Spirit, which is a total nonsense.
    The people on this whole world have believed the Bible to be 100% God’s words for the last few thousand years. Nobody said 98 percent of the Bible is not the words of God. Nobody had any clue about it until I announced it. Nobody can figure it out. Only God can clarify it and I am the very one who came here to give salvation.

    Let us sing a hymn together.
    (Hymn No. 170)
    The words of life are spreading, echoing widely, Giving peace and comfort to our minds.
    Listening to the words of life, we get blessed.
    Beautiful and precious words, they are the spring of life.
    Beautiful and precious words, they are the spring of life.
  • ¹⁾ John 4:27 Just then, his disciples returned and surprised to find him talking with a woman. But no one asked, “What do you want?” or “Why are you talking with her?”
  • ²⁾ 1 Peter 5:14 Greet one another with a kiss of love.
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