God of Power, Giver of Salvation

God’s Sermon broadcast on 2022 Holy Dew Spirit Day
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  • Why do we believe in God? The final purpose of believing in God is to let the mortal human being start a new life. Today, I am going to explain the basic principle of this belief. I will avoid the complicated explanation and make it very simple.
  • Now suppose there is a flood. The rafts of timber and broken pots are floating down and even the whole houses are coming afloat. And a man is now being drowned and there is nobody who ventures to jump in to save him. Here, the salvation is to get in there bravely and bring out this totally helpless guy.
    Salvation is to get over death and recover the eternal life. Here, you should know how the humans were created in the beginning to live forever. Without this basic knowledge, it is like believing in something over the cloud and now this is the case with the whole world.
  • Nobody knows except for the Creator how the humans were created to live forever in the beginning. You should know this and then you can figure out how the humans, the sinful creatures of today, can be transformed back to the original eternal beings. Without this knowledge, you can get nothing.
  • In this world, there may be 100 million religious teachings, but none of them explains about the identity of the eternal being.
  • In the Christian church, Paul reputed to be the most learned of Jesus’ disciples boasted that even though he had been in the third heaven, he would not say anything about it.¹⁾If he went there and saw something, should he be able to say something? Actually, he did not know anything. Nobody is supposed to know except God, the creator.
  • The structure of the earth and that of the heaven are entirely different. The heaven is composed of the immortal Spirit of the triune God. There without sleeping for eternity, one never gets tired. There is not even one among the innumerable matters which lasts even one second. If there is anything which last even one second, you cannot live for eternity without boredom.
  • In the heavenly world, the beauty is indescribable. The beauty of the face cannot be described. The face, eyes and nose won’t last even one second. Do you like something old or something new? There is nothing old. Everything is getting renewed.
  • The face so beautiful gets recreated 144 times a second. The eyes so sparkling and beautiful get recreated 144 times a second. Not only are the eyes recreated but the level of their discernment heightens along with the change. If all the surrounding objects remain the same even one second, they would become disgusting to the eyes. Thus, in synch with this rising visual perception, all the surrounding objects are recreated 144 times a second. That is why you can live forever without boredom, enjoying the indescribable joy and delight. There is nothing else besides the joy and delight.
  • There is nothing which gets decomposed. There are no shits and anus. For the eternity, there is no polluted and dirty smell such as smell of shits. Whatever precious jewelry you may give, you won’t be able to get that kind of smell for eternity.
    There is no blood, no heart and no intestines. The blood is the root of the corruption. It’s a total nonsense that you can be cleansed with the precious blood shed on the cross. Please note the quote I inserted in the Bible, “When the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable…….”²⁾How can you make something imperishable with the fastest rotting blood which is the root of corruption? It’s a total nonsense. In Heaven, nothing gets decomposed.
  • Now let me explain about the composition of the earth. It was created as a hell. Since the humans committed sin in the First Heaven, the earth is the place where they are being punished. Please note that it is the hell where you are punished.
  • Since the humans sinned in the Heaven, they came to this earth over the period of 3 trillion years. The lyric of the Hymn No. 507 also depicts the earth as hell. “No haven of rest awaits this body of mine faring on the troubled path of life. No place is free from worry or trouble. The Heavenly Kingdom is my home, where I must return.” Therefore, there are endless kinds of pain. Not a few kinds of pain. Think about it. Are there just a few kinds of pain? Can you count the number of pain? Ever since the humans were created here 3 trillion years ago, there has been no identical pain. Every kind of pain is different. How about the anxieties of the human beings? They also have been all different for 3 trillion years.
  • Now there are devils which control all kinds of worry, agony, concern, anguish, anxiety and pessimism. Among the devils, there are devils for sickness and disease that give humans all kinds of sufferings and make them eventually die. These devils are the ghost of death. Cured or not, there would come out endless kinds of devils for disease. Therefore, the humans are now getting the punishment of the punishments.
  • If humans did not commit sins in the First Heaven, God would not need to create these dirty and shabby creatures of flesh in this First Hell to punish them. Why do I say the dirty and shabby creatures of flesh? However beautiful the lady is or however handsome the gentleman is, every one of them is toting a factory that makes feces. Every one of them is cursed with a makeup full of feces. Therefore, they eat the food which ultimately decays and if they die in the swelter of summer, the corpses start to reek in two days flat, producing a horrible smell which is not comparable to that of the dead animal. That is why they sometimes call each other when they fight, “You rotten bastard!” With this diabolic composition which takes the food that decays and would begin to decay upon death, you cannot have the eternal life. To be immortal, the composition should be composed of the Holy Spirit.
  • The theory that says, ‘Adam and Eve with this composition of the internal factory for feces could have lived forever unless they did not eat the fruit of knowledge’ is a total nonsense. Ridiculous are all those people who say so, including Jesus Chris. It is God who picks it up and discloses the truth.
  • With this corruptible make-up, you cannot attain the eternal life. Practically, the composition should get transformed. One should reach the stage where no sin is committed even at the risk of death and all sins are cleansed. It can be achieved only by the help of God who came here with the structure of producing the Spirit of the triune God.
  • Those people who participated in the meetings at the beginning of our church have seen the Spirit of God coming down like dew. The one who was described as “Olive Tree” ³⁾is the very God who came in a human body to save us. As almost all of them who sinned in the First Heaven have come to this earth multiplying for last three trillion years, I have come to this earth in a human body according to my promise. Otherwise, there would have been no need for my incarnation. I need not bother to come. I came here in the same human form. What is different is that from the tips of my hands comes out the grace of God, the Spirit of the triune God.
  • The proof that my hands produce the Spirit of the triune God is that when I bless the water in the plastic bottle, it becomes the Water of Life. When I start to bless the water saying “Shick, Shick”, all the devils in the universe turn out in force. I destroy all of them and the water becomes the Water of Life.
  • When one of your relatives or somebody dies, the corpse looks ugly. When you try to put the ordinary water into the mouth, not a single drop of water goes down. However, the water I blessed is the water of power, the water of the Holy Spirit and Water of the triune God. If there is a space in the internal organ, you can pour it even one hundred spoons. Try it and you will recognize my Godhead with this alone. When a person dies, the bones become stiff and, sometimes, in order to put it in the coffin, the bones should be broken. However, if you pour down 100 spoons of Water of Life, about 5 hours later you will notice the body become lithe and supple like a living person. Moreover, the ugly color of the corpse disappears taking on a pristine color and the face opens up radiantly. It takes time. However, it you massage the face and body with the towel drenched with the Water of Life, the face and body blooms instantly. This is truly the water of God’s power.
  • So precious is the Water of Life. The fact that the corpse which became dark, 100 times uglier than when it’s alive, changes beautifully is a scientific proof that the sins of that person have got cleansed. The desiccated skin takes on flesh and becomes beautiful in grace because the sins are cleansed with the Water of Life.
  • For the sins to be cleansed, it cannot be done with the blood shed on the cross. The so-called precious blood of sins shed on the cross will never work. For the sins to be cleaned, the grace of the Holy Spirit should come down. Right? Now, it is time for the right and wrong to be exposed.
  • Therefore, the Holy Spirit which comes down like dew at the end of the time to cleanse the world is the most precious Holy Spirit. God descend this grace like dew, the Holy Dew Spirit.
  • So I say unto you that—having come with the hand of might and power, the hand of salvation, mercy and love; the hand that melts sin and completely dissolves the composition of devil; the hand that pours forth the spirit of the triune God, and transforms you to the eternal composition of the Holy Spirit and takes you to the eternal world—I am the God who gives the salvation, the truest of the true.
  • Let us sing this hymn together.
    (No. 526)

    Looking at the beauty and honor of God,
    I forget all the worry and walk on the holy path.
    There is the holy path with no sad cloud,
    I walk on the holy path bright like the daylight.
  • 1) 2 Corinthians 12:2~3
    2) 1 Corinthians 15:54
    3) Hosea 14:5~6
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