Smile and Spread the Word

Try to smile, because it gladdens the heart of the beholder. See yourself smiling, turning glaring eyes into crinkled eyes of humor and affection. Smiles like that will bring people to you automatically. They’ll flock to you, saying, “I have this irresistible urge to come here. I felt a pull in this direction.” Their feet might have been pointing to another church but they turn back and head this way, saying, “Only a visit here makes me glad, fills my heart with joy.” To spread the word, this is absolutely essential.
Receive even a shabby-looking visitor with: “Welcome! Where do you come from? We have a seat for you here. Come on over and have a seat. It takes about an hour, so make yourself at home, worship, and receive abundant blessing.” Greet each person warmly like this and, when they leave, hold their hands and say: “Draw a map of where you live if you can. Otherwise, just tell me and I’ll draw. I’ll come and look you up for sure within a week.” Then they’re entranced and grateful. That’s how you spread the word. Genuine joy should well up from within and it is your duty to pass it on. You should receive the Holy Spirit first; then you can transmit it. Only when you have joy yourself can you share it with others. The more threadbare the visitors’ clothing, the more warmly you should grasp their hands and invite them to take a seat. When they leave, part with as much warmth as when you first greeted them. That feeling must not be faked. Your joy must be so boundless that it cannot be hidden. Once you receive grace, you cannot help but tell others about it and spread the word. Moreover, if you spread the word to someone likely to achieve perfect righteousness, you reduce your own sins. Unbeknownst to you, your sins are washed away as you are the conduit of grace connected to me, the branch that bears fruit.
Your efforts to transform yourself into a being of eternal life―for which nothing is worth swapping for―will be rewarded abundantly in heaven. Your efforts will be rewarded perpetually. No words can describe it. Because God will reward you eternally, such efforts are infinitely more worthwhile than efforts for anything else. As God, I promise your hard work will be rewarded without fail. Nothing can bless you more than this promise.
Now is the time to work diligently. Grace keeps coming to the recipient if he or she keeps working after receiving it. Diligent work cleanses one’s sins. Desirous of attaining salvation, students spread the word with determination. They run for salvation. That is how you get ahead.

하나님말씀 원하시는 구절이 있는 페이지로 이동합니다.

Purity of Heart, the First Priority for Salvation

You should make the utmost effort―even to the point of death―to be pure in heart because the pure in heart are blessed. They come into possession of the kingdom of heaven, as is written, “Blessed are they that are pure in heart, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs …” The kingdom of heaven dwells in their hearts and that means they are bound for heaven. Otherwise they fail. Endless hell is in store for those with unclean hearts, no matter who they are. The first causes of uncleanness are arrogance and lust.
I don’t look at anything else. What I treasure most is one thing, purity of heart. I want nothing other than a clean and beautiful heart. Therefore, you should not commit even a speck of sin and should exterminate sin completely and totally. “Make this sinner whole and whiter than snow.” That’s a precious hymn. Only when the heart and mind are clean, pure and beautiful can one become righteous and enter the heavenly world. Ours is not a religion of rituals. I am not a ceremonial God. I am the authentic one. You should move as I tell you. You must do what God values most. The objective is salvation. God values the humble. True humility is the highest virtue treasured by God, who lifts up the humble. Humility is the best virtue. There is nothing that God cannot do. If you truly believe in God, there is not a thing that you, empowered by God, cannot do. Failure occurs from lack of faith, because grace was not kept. When grace is kept, the spirit of God moves with you. Some merely claim to believe, while others believe with a true heart. Above all, faith should be true and accompanied by diligence. One should not act in a manner that is contrary to God’s teachings, even when no one is watching. Even when unseen by man, your every deed is seen and appraised by the Holy Spirit inside you. Purity of heart and mind is the first priority for gaining salvation.

Jesus Allegedly Taken Up to Heaven on a Cloud

In the Acts it is written, “I saw Jesus taken up on a cloud.” “More than 500 people saw Jesus taken up on a cloud.” Also “his coming” is said to be “on a cloud.” A cloud is not faster than a wind. Are there clouds going faster than a wind? The whole thing is made up like a child’s tale. Also, if Jesus is the son of God, he should be able to tell the condition above the clouds. But he did not know. Before the advent of the airplane, humans as a whole had no knowledge of the condition above the clouds. But now anybody flying on an airliner can see it. Taking off in the middle of pitch dark clouds, torrential downpour, or pelting hail, a plane penetrates the black cloud cover into a cumulus of white clouds like cotton balls. Higher up, no cloud can be seen, not even a speck as small as a millet seed. It is always clear, 365 days a year, with no cloud in sight. So if you ride a cloud, can you rise higher than the cloud? You cannot. But the ascent is said to be on a cloud. Does this confirm knowledge or ignorance of the condition above the clouds? Had he been the son of God, he should have had full knowledge. The whole thing is nonsense.
Spoken on Holy Dew Spirit Day, May 26, 1985

Paul’s Fiction about Visiting Third Heaven

Apostle Paul, reputed to be the most learned of Jesus’ disciples, was boasting, spewing nonsense, and had to come up with a way out in case he should be cornered with no ready answers to skeptical queries. That’s why he said, “Fourteen years ago I knew a man in Christ.” (2 Corinthians, Chapter 12) He made it seem as if the stories were about a fellow Christian. But, close examination of the context shows that Paul is actually talking about himself. In short, just in case, he had prepared an escape clause, saying that the man was somebody else.
Paul says he went to the third heaven, which was none other than paradise itself. The word “paradise” was inserted in the Bible by me, and Paul had no knowledge about it. If he had been to paradise, shouldn’t he announce what he had seen, be it as trivial as a rat’s tail? But he makes no such announcement. He merely says, “God knows.” If he bore witness, wouldn’t he talk about what he saw? Instead, his report is “God knows.” Does that make sense? Clearly it does not.
It’s self-evident that God knows. Simply citing it, Paul does not say anything himself when he should, implying that it is out of some sense of humility. But that’s nonsense. Paul simply did not know. So no human on earth knows heaven. If Apostle Paul, the most learned, cannot report seeing anything, can other humans conceivably know heaven? Do believers of Jesus know? They do not. Can they, ignorant of heaven, guide others to heaven or not? Obviously they cannot. Spoken on October 20, 1986, August 18, 1986

The Body Consumes Corruptible Matter, Yet Generates New Life

What do we mean by structural filth? Every lady or gentleman, however stunning in their beauty or personal charm, carries around a built-in sack of feces, the mark of their cursed composition. The stomach is a feces factory. You are all owners of feces factories. When they fight, men call each other names, “Crazy bastard, rotter!” Humans are destined to rot. Their composition is corruptible. When they say, “It’s hard and doesn’t digest well,” or “It goes down but not well,” they mean the stuff doesn’t decompose. Let ripe kimchee ferment just a bit too long and it stinks to high heaven. Kimchee must be eaten when it ripens just right. Hard food is boiled and tenderized to expedite decomposition, to facilitate making feces. It was indescribably difficult to get sperm cells―capsules of life, tens of millions of them―to spring from a structure that eats degradable food and pops it out as stool eight hours later. Not only do myriads of sperm cells emerge from the eight-hour process of feces-making, but contained in each sperm cell, invisible to the naked eye, is the code, the entire genetic code, complete with all the necessary provisions and instructions for the blood to circulate from the heart, hair to grow, the eardrum to wedge in the ear and make hearing possible, the nose to form and enable the sense of smell, the tongue to speak as well as taste, the fingers to feel, the eyes to open and see. Even harder than making the sperm was combining it with the ovum to reproduce life. No one hearing this can deny that I am God. Excerpts from sermons given on October 14, 1985; August 21, 1986; and September 12, 1986

The Lamb Is God

To prove that I am God I have inserted in Chapter 14 of Revelation something I alone could disclose. No theologian had any inkling of what I speak now. Mentioned therein is God moving about on this earth. What does it mean? Jesus says he is the Lamb, but look it up and see for yourself. The Lamb is “God with two names inscribed on his forehead.” I alone can explain this. “A crowd of 144,000 follows,” it says, “wherever the Lamb goes.” Is that movement in the sky or on the ground? On the ground. They go wherever I lead. The real God is the one with the names of the Olive Tree and God written on him. Truly I am God, the one who came in human form to move about on the earth. The Trinity is formed by God, the Olive Tree, and the Holy Spirit. Having sinned in the first heaven, souls have fallen to this hell on earth to receive their first punishment. So fallen, they are destined to enter the burning pit of second hell. But in Chapter 14 of Revelation I made a promise to save 144,000. Nobody knows the meaning of this passage. I have to unveil it, because nobody else can. Only the Creator can unveil it. Having made the promise to save 144,000, I am here today in human form, toiling as you see. At the beginning of our church, referring to Chapter 14 of Hosea, I made this announcement: Grace like dew is the Holy Spirit of God. Pouring forth grace like dew for the first time, I stated that “the one bringing down this grace is like the Olive Tree,” whereupon the whole world rose up in arms. Why such global uproar? Because to every serious reader of the Bible it was intuitively clear that the Olive Tree is God who has come to the earth in human form to do His work. Excerpts from sermons given on October 25 and December 1, 1985

When the Holy Dew Spirit First Descended

The grace of the Holy Dew Spirit came down for the first time in 1955. Upon its descent I made what is called the water of life. By then Ms. Yungshin Im and Mr. Chiyung Yoon had experienced grace and took part in the worship service, clapping their hands, sitting on straw mats among the sick and suffering. They consistently gave this testimony before many people at my meetings and elsewhere: “Sick people, almost cadaverous, putrid with the smell of rotting flesh, under a death sentence from hospitals that had pronounced them incurable, told to go home and wait for their last day―they came from all over in truckloads, trainloads, some carried prone on stretchers. But the place where they gathered had no hint of the stench. On the contrary, it was filled with such an indescribable fragrance?”
In the case of Dr. Changsoon Chay, formerly the minister of social welfare, as soon as he was admitted to the Severance Hospital with a broken leg, I went over and gave my blessing: “Your leg is joined now, so get up and run.”
He hesitated. As a medical doctor, he feared that if he stood before his bones fully set he might permanently damage the bones and become a cripple. But after watching my power at work, he decided to have faith. He rose and ran up and down the stairs, to which he gave witness at every tent meeting, wherever we went.
Then, what is the reason for designating May as the Season of the Holy Dew Spirit? Because the greatest quantity of the Holy Dew Spirit came down during the latter part of May. Spoken on Holy Dew Spirit Day, May 26, 1985

All Things Work Together For Good

What so-called religious leaders of this world do is mostly fight and split up. They split up, divide again, and then some more, until all’s split up. The devil’s work in this world is jealousy, envy, hate, and finally murder. So it is the devil that splits, divides, and destroys. Whether they number 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100 million, or 1 billion, those in the fold of grace are one. All those in grace become one unit. If there is jealousy, it is caused by those infiltrated by the devil to do the devil’s mischief. There should be unbreakable unity, and there should be no hate. When this state prevails, all things work together for good. To be in grace is to be in the Holy Spirit. Then, you can say, “I am within the Lord.” The Lord must be within you, must dwell inside you. Only then comes the kingdom of heaven. The perfect fullness of the Holy Spirit is meant by the passage, “Nor will people say, ‘Here it is’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you.” All complaints, discontent, and anguish vanish, because the kingdom of heaven is there. Unless your heart turns into heaven, you cannot go to heaven. When all those who have formed heaven in their hearts gather, whether they number a billion, 10 billion, 100 billion, they are one. That is what’s meant by becoming one in the Lord.
It is said, “Endeavor to meet often as the end of time nears.” You must try to meet often. All things working together for good in grace means that this throng of people, though weak and of no account individually, exerts, when united with one heart, the combined strength of a million, 10 million, 100 million. That is the power of unity in grace. That’s the meaning of all things working together for good.
Spoken on October 28 and November 25, 1985

Mankind Composed of the Devil

Man is composed of the devil, a creature condemned. The human body, molded from the devil, the ghost of death, consists of decaying matter.
The first proof is found in the makeup of the stomach, ordained to go on eating what must decay. In short, not to mince words, it is a feces factory. No human is without this factory, no matter how beautiful the exterior, how powerful or wealthy, how great a magnate, or how well admired throughout the world. Is there anyone who does not go to the bathroom, however clean their appearance, even if their beauty is ranked first among all humans born in the past trillion years? No. Because their makeup was created to decay. That’s why epithets such as “You rotten bum” often spew out of our mouths almost instinctively, without forethought or contrivance.
That’s why humans, creatures kneaded from the ghost of death, are fated to die. This earth is first hell and, upon death, they fall from here to second hell.
Compared with making a human body of flesh, making matter out of the Holy Spirit was the hardest of tasks ever contemplated in all eternity. The second hardest task was this body condemned to first hell, the diabolically composed body, made with matter destined to decay. Nobody to date has known or spoken about diabolic composition. There is no way to learn except through the Creator. Those ignorant of diabolic composition can never achieve salvation. Nor can there be a way to discard diabolic composition. Nobody but its Creator can cast it off and replace it with the composition of eternal life. Spoken on Holy Dew Spirit Day, May 26, 1985

Mankind Created with a Doomed Makeup

Mankind is composed of the devil. It should be plain to you that this makeup, viewed structurally, is accursed. In heaven there is no earth, no dirt, no ground to plant even a single seed. The food eaten there is the food of life created by God. But, here, whatever springs from the ground grows all mushy and decays. Because its makeup is that of decay. So when a person dies, in two days flat the corpse starts to reek in the swelter of summer. The devil is the ghost of death. Mankind was molded with the ghost of death. Heaven, molded with the triune Holy Spirit, has no organs, intestines, or blood. Everything is destined to decay here. This accursed makeup, programmed to decompose, must go on eating what ultimately decays. When they say something is hard and indigestible, they mean that it does not turn into feces, and when they say something digests well, they mean that it does. Keep eating hard stuff that makes no feces and in a few days you collapse, eyes turning bleary white. Hard stuff must be boiled and softened to be eaten and sped through the feces-making process. Are there any of you who do not go to the bathroom? You must eat what must decay and excrete the decay as feces eight hours later. A glitch in this and the system breaks down. The stomach is a feces factory. You are each toting a factory that makes feces. So you are owner and president of a feces factory, a title you cannot cast off even if you want to. Does this offend you? No matter how much you loathe it, the title is yours and you can’t shake it off. The whole setup is downright dirty, shabby, revolting. Nothing can be shabbier than this, this composition of feces, of sin, and of the devil. When you preen and swell with pride, bear in mind that you are cursed with a makeup full of feces. God created mankind with an accursed makeup. Spoken on Blessing Day, December 1, 1985

What Are Humans Composed Of?

Whatever the religion or creed, to obtain salvation it must make known how humans are created, the basis of their creation. The creed must make manifest what humans are composed of that dooms them to death and how it must change to enable them to live eternally. Without this the whole thing is but a bag of wind, 100% lies. In other words, the plethora of religions and creeds―as long as they fail to identify the essence of humanity to be flesh molded out of sin, composed of the devil, which must be cast off and changed to a composition of the Holy Spirit to attain salvation―is nothing but falsehood and won’t lead to salvation. To be the son of God, Jesus must grasp that his own make-up is that of the devil and present an accurate theory on the method and meaning of casting off this diabolic composition. But Jesus failed to understand that he himself was composed of the devil. The blood of Jesus is alleged to be the means of salvation, but blood won’t do the job. The body’s composition should be changed. From the beginning of history to the present, no one has pinpointed the diabolic composition of humanity. No one can, unless he be the Creator himself, maker of humans. The one who elucidates this is truly God. The theory must be correct on two counts: it must recognize that humans are composed of the devil, and it must explain how that diabolic composition can be cast off and changed to that of the Holy Spirit. Yes, it must be correct on the composition of humanity and on the method of transforming that composition to that of the Holy Spirit. But however correct it may be, theory alone will not deliver salvation. Unless acted upon by the spirit of God―the Holy Spirit that destroys the devil and destroys sin―you will not receive salvation. Truly, the Holy Spirit, referred to in the phrase “not by might, nor by power, but by the Holy Spirit alone,” must be the catalyst.
Spoken on Holy Dew Spirit Day, May 26, 1985