Hymns Are Prayers With a Melody

Hymns are prayers with a melody. Those who have stopped singing hymns have no tears. What are hymns about? About the devil? No, they sing about God, about me. Whether you say “Not by might nor by power, but by the Holy Spirit” or “Mighty power will come from constant efforts at prayer,” it means the same thing. Suppose there is to be singing at a dinner party and the order is arranged to let those who have knelt longest before God sing first. When asked to sing, however, some of these front runners with many hours of prostration to their credit don’t seem to know how to sing. But I have seen them prostrated all the time. Prostrated, they pray, sing hymns, beseech in song, “Grant, O Lord, aid to this fragile thing. Grasp my weak hand as I kneel and guide me.” The hymn is prayer, prayer set to a tune. A person who has stopped singing hymns is like one who has stopped breathing. One who is diligent in prayer does not stop singing. Tears flow. That’s because grace is at work―God has listened to the song. Not because the song is sung well, but because God takes care of the earnest prayer―the true, anxious entreaty, the supplication which comes from the bottom of the heart. The primary focus in grading for salvation is on the amount of time spent on one’s knees and the truthfulness of one’s heart. God sees the heart. When they are made to sing, the singing may not be professional but it’s full of grace. They sing, sobbing uncontrollably, weeping blinding tears, just as they have implored in continual prostration, tears welling up unawares. This is a sight pleasing to God. Excerpt from a sermon given October 3, 1985

하나님말씀 원하시는 구절이 있는 페이지로 이동합니다.

Salvation Not Attained By Believing Alone

What could be more blatantly ludicrous than Jesus―who not only fails to find salvation for himself but does not even know its meaning―promising eternal life to anyone who believes in him and his word, for merely calling him “Lord”? Remove the word “believe” from your vocabulary, because it is not needed. The limit of belief in someone is found in expressions like “He can live without law. He is reliable. He can be trusted.” That’s about as far as it goes. What’s meant by belief in God is “God can be counted on.” But can you attain salvation by just being able to count on God? No, you can’t. Consider this analogy: Somebody has come from Paris, France. Would telling him “I believe you” over and over, 10 million times, or reiterating “I believe I’ll be in France” get you to France? No. You must buy the ticket and board the plane to get there. Salvation is not different. It requires more than mere belief. In the beginning I used the parable of the bathtub to distinguish the Christian church from ours. Shouldn’t grace come down from the Spirit of God to wash away the sin of the soul, the grime of the mind? It should. The established Christian church is an empty tub with no water in it. Suppose the Bible is soap and the hymns a towel. Rub the soap on the towel, bone dry without a drop of water, and scrub yourself, shouting “Wash off, grime!” Is it grime that washes off or is it your skin that peels off? It’s the skin. Grime washes off when skin, doused with water, is scrubbed with a towel, soaked in water and lathered with soap, rinsed, then soaked again in a tub and so on. No purpose is served, no matter what you do in a dry, waterless tub. So there should be water, which is the work of the Holy Spirit. In the end God pours forth the grace of the Holy Spirit like dew. Spoken on the National Youth Retreat, August 17, 1980

Heaven Has Neither Earth nor Night and Day

천국에는 흙도 없고 밤낮도 없어

Heaven Has Neither Earth nor Night and Day On the creation of the universe Genesis has this statement in Chapter 1, Verse 1: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” God is said to have created the sky and the earth. But isn’t it on earth where things rot? Moreover, doesn’t Genesis […]

Paul’s Fiction about Visiting Third Heaven

삼층천에 가봤다는 바울의 허풍

Apostle Paul, reputed to be the most learned of Jesus’ disciples, was boasting, spewing nonsense, and had to come up with a way out in case he should be cornered with no ready answers to skeptical queries. That’s why he said, “Fourteen years ago I knew a man in Christ.” (2 Corinthians, Chapter 12) He made it seem as if the stories were about a fellow Christian. But, close examination of the context shows that Paul is actually talking about himself. In short, just in case, he had prepared an escape clause, saying that the man was somebody else. Paul says he went to the third heaven, which was none other than paradise itself. The word “paradise” was inserted in the Bible by me, and Paul had no knowledge about it. If he had been to paradise, shouldn’t he announce what he had seen, be it as trivial as a rat’s tail? But he makes no such announcement. He merely says, “God knows.” If he bore witness, wouldn’t he talk about what he saw? Instead, his report is “God knows.” Does that make sense? Clearly it does not. It’s self-evident that God knows. Simply citing it, Paul does not say anything himself when he should, implying that it is out of some sense of humility. But that’s nonsense. Paul simply did not know. So no human on earth knows heaven. If Apostle Paul, the most learned, cannot report seeing anything, can other humans conceivably know heaven? Do believers of Jesus know? They do not. Can they, ignorant of heaven, guide others to heaven or not? Obviously they cannot. Spoken on October 20, 1986, August 18, 1986

God’s Judgment, All Too Fair

너무도 공정한 하나님의 심판

At the hour of judgment all humans born since Creation, even those bound for hell, will transform temporarily into gods. Hearts and sins are measured as if on a scale with zero tolerance for error, yielding totally reliable and accurate measurements of sin. Becoming godlike, everyone can observe everything, seeing each other clearly. God’s judgments are meted out instantly. So, some may express surprise, “Ah, that person was guilty of that sin. He appeared so gentle, but still committed such a sin.” Seeing their own penalties measured out so fairly, those destined for hell move in that direction without hesitation, while those to be saved step aside. Their destinations so determined, no one destined for hell can complain, because my guidance had already been offered countless times and ignored during their mortal lives. They thought their sins went unnoticed, but they were measured with such meticulous detail, precision and fairness, without error, not even the smallest of errors, as if with a scale that has zero tolerance for error. Seeing their sins, hearts and all so weighed, they go to hell and suffer its eternal pain without a word of complaint. Not even one soul can contradict me.
They know they have consistently ignored my advice. All too clear are the sins of disobedience delineated before them and all too just are the calculations by which punishments for such disobedient actions are meted out. Upon momentary transformation to divine intelligence, capable of surveying the totality of sin, the two classes separate, one bound for hell and the other for salvation. Spoken on Holy Dew Spirit Day, January 2, 1982

What Pleases God Most

하나님이 제일 기뻐하시는 것

Do you want me to tell you what pleases and delights God the most? God looks to the interior of a person. It brings tears to His eyes to watch someone writhing in torment, struggling desperately against sin, be it as minuscule as one 100 millionth part of the tip of a needle. In this context I want to mention God’s love for purity of heart. Writhing in a life-or-death struggle, so as not to fall into new sin, be it as small as one 100 millionth of the tip of a needle, the pure of heart also keep trying to shake off the effects of old sin. Remember that their struggle will be blessed and enable them to get rid of sin, 90%, then 100%, until they join the ranks of the righteous. What delights God is the purity of their heart―the beauty, cleanliness, integrity, and innocence shown in their resolute determination not to sin. These beings gain salvation. Eternal life is theirs and so is the badge of 100% righteousness. I need those who can go to heaven, be it but one single person. I have no need for those church members who are bound for hell, however outstanding and numerous they may be in the hundreds of millions. Can anyone enter the Olympic arena and race? Only those athletes good enough to represent their nations can enter. The athletes so qualified race, run, jump, and vault, but not all of them take the gold medal. Only the one who has trained well before entry and is ahead of the pack will take the gold. The same thing is true for salvation. Only they who do not henceforth commit sin, be it as small as a 100 millionth of the tip of a needle, have hope. You must receive grace now and run ahead of the pack. You need to make the effort now. This is the condition of eternal life. Excerpts from a sermon given on Holy Dew Spirit Day, May 25, 1986, and from a conversation with an invited guest on September 12, 1986

The Only Holy Spirit that Gives Salvation

There is only one Holy Spirit that gives real salvation―the Holy Dew Spirit, the Spirit of God that in the end descends from the olive tree. No other religion has salvation. There is no salvation unless and until God effects one’s transformation to a composition of the Holy Spirit. Not a single human being is aware that humans are composed of feces, of the devil. Can you live forever with a fecal composition? You can’t. If Jesus deceives many with promises of salvation but does not deliver, is he the son of the real God or of Satan? If he cannot deliver on salvation, he is the son of Satan. What do they believe in, those who argue that Jesus brings salvation? They say that they’ll be saved if their sins are washed away with the blood shed on the cross. Understand this―in heaven there is neither defecation nor urination. Nor will you find blood, heart, or lungs there. That world has no oxygen, which causes aging. If exposed long enough, both iron and steel rust through oxidation. Humans get old and die because of oxygen. Temporarily, in the short run, oxygen cleanses the blood, which is black by the time it reaches the lungs after making a circuit through the body, before it’s pumped out again to re-circulate. Jesus is not aware that the blood, present in the decaying body, does not exist in the other world.
I have mentioned this repeatedly. Which of the five body parts rot first―bone, sinew, skin, muscle, or blood? Blood. This is how we ascertain that Jesus is the devil. Incredibly, he claims to “render the corruptible incorruptible” with blood, the body part that rots first after death. There is no salvation by blood. It’s also claimed, “The perishable has been devoured by life.” What Jesus calls life is his own blood. Now, listen. The life of a physical body is blood. A cow’s blood is its life. So is a dog’s or chicken’s blood, the sap of a tree, the blood of Jesus. But does the blood of Jesus, his life, last forever or rot away? It rots away. Blood does not purchase salvation.
No religion has salvation. There is no salvation unless and until God effects a transformation to a composition of the Holy Spirit. I am unmistakably the one, the Jehovah of the hosts, who does it. Spoken on the Holy Dew Spirit Day, October 9, 1988

My Hands Issue God’s Spirit

It is God, the authentic of the authentic, who identified the diabolic composition of mankind, then taught you in detail how to remove this diabolic composition 100%. His divinity is undeniable, as He has taught things the world has no knowledge of. However, if I had brought only these two things, I might be the true God but it would not benefit you. Why? Because it is only knowledge of the methodology of salvation. Do you get salvation just by knowing how to get salvation? You can be saved only if you are set on the path to salvation. Had I come with just those two things, I would be just a cake in a picture, a Barmecidal God. Imagine you’re hungry and you see a picture of cake and honey. If you say, “Ah, I’m starved … cake, take a dip in the honey and jump into my mouth,” would you get full? Does the cake get in your mouth? You can’t eat cake in a picture. So, if all I do is point out the composition of the devil and instruct you thoroughly on the methodology of salvation, teaching in great detail the method of eliminating the diabolic composition and attaining eternal existence through the spirit of the triune God, I’ll be a Barmecidal God, like the cake in the picture you can’t eat. You can’t hope for salvation from that kind of God, a God who only teaches the method but does not deliver salvation. But though I may seem to have the same composition as you, what I have inside me is such that it produces the spirit of the triune God. This is the difference. I have a structure that produces the Holy Spirit. My hands seem no different from yours, so what is so valuable about them? Can you buy the spirit of God even with an infinite quantity of diamonds, each the size of the universe? You can’t. My hands issue God’s spirit. That’s why they are so valuable. So if I had not come with these hands of mine, anointed with golden oil, you would have nothing to expect from me. But because I have come with these hands, anointed with golden oil that pour forth the spirit of the triune God; because I have come with the hands of might and power, the hands of mercy, love, and salvation, that crush and melt flesh and bones, the devil and sins; and because I have come with the hands that obliterate the devil’s composition 100% and replace it with a composition filled with the spirit of the triune God, thereby transforming it into an everlasting composition of the Holy Spirit, I am without fail the one, the true of the true, the one you may rely on to get salvation.
Spoken on December 25, 1985

Smile and Spread the Word

Try to smile, because it gladdens the heart of the beholder. See yourself smiling, turning glaring eyes into crinkled eyes of humor and affection. Smiles like that will bring people to you automatically. They’ll flock to you, saying, “I have this irresistible urge to come here. I felt a pull in this direction.” Their feet might have been pointing to another church but they turn back and head this way, saying, “Only a visit here makes me glad, fills my heart with joy.” To spread the word, this is absolutely essential.
Receive even a shabby-looking visitor with: “Welcome! Where do you come from? We have a seat for you here. Come on over and have a seat. It takes about an hour, so make yourself at home, worship, and receive abundant blessing.” Greet each person warmly like this and, when they leave, hold their hands and say: “Draw a map of where you live if you can. Otherwise, just tell me and I’ll draw. I’ll come and look you up for sure within a week.” Then they’re entranced and grateful. That’s how you spread the word. Genuine joy should well up from within and it is your duty to pass it on. You should receive the Holy Spirit first; then you can transmit it. Only when you have joy yourself can you share it with others. The more threadbare the visitors’ clothing, the more warmly you should grasp their hands and invite them to take a seat. When they leave, part with as much warmth as when you first greeted them. That feeling must not be faked. Your joy must be so boundless that it cannot be hidden. Once you receive grace, you cannot help but tell others about it and spread the word. Moreover, if you spread the word to someone likely to achieve perfect righteousness, you reduce your own sins. Unbeknownst to you, your sins are washed away as you are the conduit of grace connected to me, the branch that bears fruit.
Your efforts to transform yourself into a being of eternal life―for which nothing is worth swapping for―will be rewarded abundantly in heaven. Your efforts will be rewarded perpetually. No words can describe it. Because God will reward you eternally, such efforts are infinitely more worthwhile than efforts for anything else. As God, I promise your hard work will be rewarded without fail. Nothing can bless you more than this promise.
Now is the time to work diligently. Grace keeps coming to the recipient if he or she keeps working after receiving it. Diligent work cleanses one’s sins. Desirous of attaining salvation, students spread the word with determination. They run for salvation. That is how you get ahead.

Purity of Heart, the First Priority for Salvation

You should make the utmost effort―even to the point of death―to be pure in heart because the pure in heart are blessed. They come into possession of the kingdom of heaven, as is written, “Blessed are they that are pure in heart, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs …” The kingdom of heaven dwells in their hearts and that means they are bound for heaven. Otherwise they fail. Endless hell is in store for those with unclean hearts, no matter who they are. The first causes of uncleanness are arrogance and lust.
I don’t look at anything else. What I treasure most is one thing, purity of heart. I want nothing other than a clean and beautiful heart. Therefore, you should not commit even a speck of sin and should exterminate sin completely and totally. “Make this sinner whole and whiter than snow.” That’s a precious hymn. Only when the heart and mind are clean, pure and beautiful can one become righteous and enter the heavenly world. Ours is not a religion of rituals. I am not a ceremonial God. I am the authentic one. You should move as I tell you. You must do what God values most. The objective is salvation. God values the humble. True humility is the highest virtue treasured by God, who lifts up the humble. Humility is the best virtue. There is nothing that God cannot do. If you truly believe in God, there is not a thing that you, empowered by God, cannot do. Failure occurs from lack of faith, because grace was not kept. When grace is kept, the spirit of God moves with you. Some merely claim to believe, while others believe with a true heart. Above all, faith should be true and accompanied by diligence. One should not act in a manner that is contrary to God’s teachings, even when no one is watching. Even when unseen by man, your every deed is seen and appraised by the Holy Spirit inside you. Purity of heart and mind is the first priority for gaining salvation.

Jesus Allegedly Taken Up to Heaven on a Cloud

In the Acts it is written, “I saw Jesus taken up on a cloud.” “More than 500 people saw Jesus taken up on a cloud.” Also “his coming” is said to be “on a cloud.” A cloud is not faster than a wind. Are there clouds going faster than a wind? The whole thing is made up like a child’s tale. Also, if Jesus is the son of God, he should be able to tell the condition above the clouds. But he did not know. Before the advent of the airplane, humans as a whole had no knowledge of the condition above the clouds. But now anybody flying on an airliner can see it. Taking off in the middle of pitch dark clouds, torrential downpour, or pelting hail, a plane penetrates the black cloud cover into a cumulus of white clouds like cotton balls. Higher up, no cloud can be seen, not even a speck as small as a millet seed. It is always clear, 365 days a year, with no cloud in sight. So if you ride a cloud, can you rise higher than the cloud? You cannot. But the ascent is said to be on a cloud. Does this confirm knowledge or ignorance of the condition above the clouds? Had he been the son of God, he should have had full knowledge. The whole thing is nonsense.
Spoken on Holy Dew Spirit Day, May 26, 1985