Only when you become righteous with the Holy Dew Spirit, you can reach salvation.

All religions say they will guide you to a good place. Buddhists talk about paradise and Christians talk about salvation, but they explain nothing about human creation. I’ve explained to you about the very purpose of creating mankind and some of you must have heard it tens of times.
Humans on this earth may think they are living luxurious lives. As the Creator, I say your lives here are those of hell and you are being punished here. Thus, this world is very complicated and, however rich or powerful, no humans feel comfortable here at heart.
Despite all the complexity around you, you’ll feel most comfort and peace when your sins are forgiven and cleansed by God, when you become pure inside and out. You are achieving Heaven in your mind, becoming qualified to get into Heaven, which is the most precious goal.
Even those who have the power to shake the world and every property on earth cannot sleep in peace with their legs stretched. They are bothered by anxiety, uneasiness, pain, sometimes futility and pessimism. Their insides are infected by a swarm of devils from hell. Their minds know no peace.
There is a hymn which depicts this earth as Hell: “No haven of rest awaits this body of mine faring on the troubled path of life. No place is free from worry and trouble.” The earth is depicted as Hell that you fell into from First Heaven. “The Heavenly Kingdom is my home, where I must return.” It is a hymn seeking one’s original home in First Heaven. We should now seek to go to Second Heaven. Shall we sing the hymn?
(Hymn 507)
No haven of rest awaits this body of mine faring on the troubled path of life.
No place is free from worry and trouble. The Kingdom of Heaven is my home where I must return.
Even if blown by cold winds in the wilderness, the road remaining is not long. Even if swept down by snowstorms from over the mountain, the Kingdom of Heaven is my home where I must return.
If you get rid of sin and become righteous, your life becomes so precious that it cannot be bartered for anything in the world. Is there anything more blessing? There is nothing more valuable anywhere in the world. Everything will be resolved if you get rid of sin. That is the end of the story.
The reason why you are prostrate here today is to have your mind cleansed to achieve salvation. By possessing a mind of such holiness and beauty, your acts and life on this earth will become of utmost brilliance and preciousness. I believe you have come to me at this hour for that purpose. Endeavor earnestly and beseech intently to attain those holy traits. I am the very one, the Almighty God, who washes away all your sins.
As it is written in the Book of Hosea, “I will be like dew….” (Hosea 14:5) and “His splendor will be like an olive tree...” (Hosea 14:6), the grace of the Almighty God is to descend like dew.
Today, you are sitting down spaced apart. When our church started, you were packed tightly, making it difficult to even clap your hands, and grace like dew was descending in thick mists. The grace is coming down now, and it is the most precious grace of all.
As the scripture is written, “Receive the Holy Spirit, out of his belly shall flow the rivers of living water,” (John 7:38), today the real water of life is flowing. They are not just words. The grace is going out. The living water mentioned in the scripture is the Water of Life, the water of the Holy Dew Spirit.
How do I bless the water? Our church members bring well water or tap water in tightly sealed bottles and leave them about 10 meters away and I bless them. Even if the bottles were placed inside a safe made with steel walls 100 meters thick, the grace goes in through.
If you keep blessed water and ordinary water in separate bottles undisturbed in a safe for three or five years, you would see the difference. You will find the ordinary water putrid, with scum floating on top. However, you would find the blessed water crystal clear, like distilled water. This is the power of God.
A gruesome emaciated corpse once rubbed with the water of life, after a few hours, takes on graceful flesh and the face, 100 times more repulsive when he was alive, changes back beautifully. Once purple or colorless lips begin to glow and take on color as if they had fleshly applied lipstick. The limbs stiff from rigor mortis become pliant and flexible, to the extent that you can move their hands as if they were clapping.
This miraculous transformation is scientific proof that the sins were washed away. With graceful flesh appearing, the corpse became simply beautiful. It’s all because of the power of the water of life that cleanses away sins. The grace like dew that solves the issue of sin completely, the Holy Dew Spirit that cleanses and makes it beautiful―this is the most precious Holy Spirit, which only God can bring forth.
You attain salvation when your sins are cleansed and your mind becomes pure and beautiful. Jesus Christ did not know this. Without any knowledge about salvation, he says, “Believe in me and you shall get eternal life. Whoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”(Romans 10:13). It only proves he does not know anything about salvation.
Humans are mortal because of sin. So, you should know how to get rid of sin. This is an essential point. Because Jesus himself did not know how to resolve this issue, all humans have been in total darkness for 2,000 years. They believe they can go to Heaven, even though they continue to commit sin. Jesus takes the blame for this.
People do not even try to purge sin, as they believe that they will be saved anyway. They ask incredulously, “How can humans live without committing sin?” As they have been taught that they can be saved even if they commit sins, they all have become sons of destruction.
As Jesus claimed to be the main character for salvation and behaved as such for 2,000 years, all people on earth have been misled and, with the sins continuously multiplying, they only get farther away from salvation. They race in the opposite direction from salvation. The blind is leading the blind, becoming all the more blind.
The worst religion is the one which insists the one, who is not God, who is not the son of God and who is actually the devil, to be the son of God. That is the worst enemy of God. Then, should you rely upon faith alone without knowing about salvation? Or, should you become qualified to be saved? You should become qualified. Then, you should behave like those to be judged by the Law of Libert In the book of James, it is written, “Speak and act as those who shall be judged by the Law of Liberty.”(James 2:12). This Law of Liberty is the law of conscience. If a person has a trace of lustful thought, he or she would be judged by the Law of Liberty. To keep the Law of Liberty, one’s thought must not be tainted by even a trace of lust.
You touch a microphone with greed, but until you snatch and stash it away in your pocket, it does not constitute a crime. But under the Law of Liberty the moment the greed kicks in, you have committed theft. You are not guilty of murder even if, driven by excessive impulse, you grab a gun or pistol. But under the Law of Liberty, at the very onset of hatred, you are guilty of murder. The Law of Liberty is about your mind and thought. Sin should be uprooted from there Therefore, those of you who listen to my sermon today, should not sin in mind and thought. Sin should be uprooted by cleansing your thoughts.
Of course, in this world full of sins, such as lust, stubbornness, arrogance, jealousy and hatred, it is not simple to just get rid of them To have nothing to do with sin, you must do your best not to sin and you should have your sins cleansed. You should wash them away with the Water of Life, be connected with the grace like dew, and bloom beautifully with the Holy Dew Spirit. And I am the very one who teaches the way, washes away your sins, resolves the issue of sin, and finally gives you salvation. You should know the precious value of what I offer and follow me.
Let us sing this hymn together.
(Hymn 526)
Looking at the beauty and honor of God,
I forget all the worry and walk on the holy path.
There is the holy path with no sad cloud,
I walk on the holy path bright like the daylight.
All rights reserved. Reproduction or redistribution of this material without permission is strictly prohibited. 하나님 말씀의 저작권은 한국천부교전도관부흥협회 및 한국천부교전도관유지재단에 있으며 저작권자의 허가없이 말씀을 출판ㆍ복사ㆍ전재하는 것은 저작권법 위반행위로 민ㆍ형사상의 법적 책임의 대상이 됩니다.

하나님말씀 원하시는 구절이 있는 페이지로 이동합니다.

The Creator, God who operates the universe

God’s Sermon broadcast on Thanksgiving Day in 2022

Today, as there are some people who have not listened to my sermon, I am going to talk very simply. I have talked about the very high level matters continuously which people could not understand even in the beginning.
Now, as you should know at least a little bit about the outline of the universe, I begin to speak here today.

The Christians are saying that the earth was created 6,000 years ago. But the archaeology was unearthing many things a few million years old. There are some beasts, animals, extremely large, even larger than the bones of the whale. The time when they existed, only God knows. It was extremely a long time ago.

The universe has been operated by God in its entirety. Today, I will talk about the operation of the earth, one of the puniest among celestial bodies for the first-time listeners. People think the crops grow by themselves, but just to keep the earth warm, an infinite army of God’s clones must be engaged as stokers.

To heat the earth, you should consider so many different levels of elements which are kind of difficult. There is many a rock, for example, 1 meter thick, which stays cold however hard it is heated from one side. There are billions of different structures in the rock. Some structures contain particles infinitesimally minute. Some are so composed that they can be broken down to one cubic micro-millimeter. And each of them can be broken down again even 1,000 times. Each of these mini-particles has different heat conductivity. It is same with such a small rock as this one. They may look same to the human eye, but each of them has different layers. All these should be calculated all the way to the core of the earth.

As for the wind, the temperature is not constant even at one second. Why? Air consists of an infinite mixture of elements. Even one cubic micro-millimeter of air is an assortment of different elements. It is same with a gust of hot wind. Complete calculations must be made to measure temperature variations from micro-second to micro-second in a gust of hot wind to adjust it to the earth’s heat and prevent grass roots from drying or freezing so plants can grow and humans can eat. Otherwise people would have nothing to eat. Now I would like to stop here as the explanation will be endless. You will now understand “It is a tremendous job to operate the earth alone.”

God of Power, Giver of Salvation

God’s Sermon broadcast on 2022 Holy Dew Spirit Day

Why do we believe in God? The final purpose of believing in God is to let the mortal human being start a new life. Today, I am going to explain the basic principle of this belief. I will avoid the complicated explanation and make it very simple. Now suppose there is a flood. The rafts of timber and broken pots are floating down and even the whole houses are coming afloat. And a man is now being drowned and there is nobody who ventures to jump in to save him. Here, the salvation is to get in there bravely and bring out this totally helpless guy.
Salvation is to get over death and recover the eternal life. Here, you should know how the humans were created in the beginning to live forever. Without this basic knowledge, it is like believing in something over the cloud and now this is the case with the whole world. Nobody knows except for the Creator how the humans were created to live forever in the beginning. You should know this and then you can figure out how the humans, the sinful creatures of today, can be transformed back to the original eternal beings. Without this knowledge, you can get nothing. In this world, there may be 100 million religious teachings, but none of them explains about the identity of the eternal being. In the Christian church, Paul reputed to be the most learned of Jesus’ disciples boasted that even though he had been in the third heaven, he would not say anything about it.¹⁾If he went there and saw something, should he be able to say something? Actually, he did not know anything. Nobody is supposed to know except God, the creator. The structure of the earth and that of the heaven are entirely different. The heaven is composed of the immortal Spirit of the triune God. There without sleeping for eternity, one never gets tired. There is not even one among the innumerable matters which lasts even one second. If there is anything which last even one second, you cannot live for eternity without boredom. In the heavenly world, the beauty is indescribable. The beauty of the face cannot be described. The face, eyes and nose won’t last even one second. Do you like something old or something new? There is nothing old. Everything is getting renewed. The face so beautiful gets recreated 144 times a second. The eyes so sparkling and beautiful get recreated 144 times a second. Not only are the eyes recreated but the level of their discernment heightens along with the change. If all the surrounding objects remain the same even one second, they would become disgusting to the eyes. Thus, in synch with this rising visual perception, all the surrounding objects are recreated 144 times a second. That is why you can live forever without boredom, enjoying the indescribable joy and delight. There is nothing else besides the joy and delight. There is nothing which gets decomposed. There are no shits and anus. For the eternity, there is no polluted and dirty smell such as smell of shits. Whatever precious jewelry you may give, you won’t be able to get that kind of smell for eternity.
There is no blood, no heart and no intestines. The blood is the root of the corruption. It’s a total nonsense that you can be cleansed with the precious blood shed on the cross. Please note the quote I inserted in the Bible, “When the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable…….”²⁾How can you make something imperishable with the fastest rotting blood which is the root of corruption? It’s a total nonsense. In Heaven, nothing gets decomposed. Now let me explain about the composition of the earth. It was created as a hell. Since the humans committed sin in the First Heaven, the earth is the place where they are being punished. Please note that it is the hell where you are punished. Since the humans sinned in the Heaven, they came to this earth over the period of 3 trillion years. The lyric of the Hymn No. 507 also depicts the earth as hell. “No haven of rest awaits this body of mine faring on the troubled path of life. No place is free from worry or trouble. The Heavenly Kingdom is my home, where I must return.” Therefore, there are endless kinds of pain. Not a few kinds of pain. Think about it. Are there just a few kinds of pain? Can you count the number of pain? Ever since the humans were created here 3 trillion years ago, there has been no identical pain. Every kind of pain is different. How about the anxieties of the human beings? They also have been all different for 3 trillion years. Now there are devils which control all kinds of worry, agony, concern, anguish, anxiety and pessimism. Among the devils, there are devils for sickness and disease that give humans all kinds of sufferings and make them eventually die. These devils are the ghost of death. Cured or not, there would come out endless kinds of devils for disease. Therefore, the humans are now getting the punishment of the punishments. If humans did not commit sins in the First Heaven, God would not need to create these dirty and shabby creatures of flesh in this First Hell to punish them. Why do I say the dirty and shabby creatures of flesh? However beautiful the lady is or however handsome the gentleman is, every one of them is toting a factory that makes feces. Every one of them is cursed with a makeup full of feces. Therefore, they eat the food which ultimately decays and if they die in the swelter of summer, the corpses start to reek in two days flat, producing a horrible smell which is not comparable to that of the dead animal. That is why they sometimes call each other when they fight, “You rotten bastard!” With this diabolic composition which takes the food that decays and would begin to decay upon death, you cannot have the eternal life. To be immortal, the composition should be composed of the Holy Spirit. The theory that says, ‘Adam and Eve with this composition of the internal factory for feces could have lived forever unless they did not eat the fruit of knowledge’ is a total nonsense. Ridiculous are all those people who say so, including Jesus Chris. It is God who picks it up and discloses the truth. With this corruptible make-up, you cannot attain the eternal life. Practically, the composition should get transformed. One should reach the stage where no sin is committed even at the risk of death and all sins are cleansed. It can be achieved only by the help of God who came here with the structure of producing the Spirit of the triune God. Those people who participated in the meetings at the beginning of our church have seen the Spirit of God coming down like dew. The one who was described as “Olive Tree” ³⁾is the very God who came in a human body to save us. As almost all of them who sinned in the First Heaven have come to this earth multiplying for last three trillion years, I have come to this earth in a human body according to my promise. Otherwise, there would have been no need for my incarnation. I need not bother to come. I came here in the same human form. What is different is that from the tips of my hands comes out the grace of God, the Spirit of the triune God. The proof that my hands produce the Spirit of the triune God is that when I bless the water in the plastic bottle, it becomes the Water of Life. When I start to bless the water saying “Shick, Shick”, all the devils in the universe turn out in force. I destroy all of them and the water becomes the Water of Life.
When one of your relatives or somebody dies, the corpse looks ugly. When you try to put the ordinary water into the mouth, not a single drop of water goes down. However, the water I blessed is the water of power, the water of the Holy Spirit and Water of the triune God. If there is a space in the internal organ, you can pour it even one hundred spoons. Try it and you will recognize my Godhead with this alone. When a person dies, the bones become stiff and, sometimes, in order to put it in the coffin, the bones should be broken. However, if you pour down 100 spoons of Water of Life, about 5 hours later you will notice the body become lithe and supple like a living person. Moreover, the ugly color of the corpse disappears taking on a pristine color and the face opens up radiantly. It takes time. However, it you massage the face and body with the towel drenched with the Water of Life, the face and body blooms instantly. This is truly the water of God’s power. So precious is the Water of Life. The fact that the corpse which became dark, 100 times uglier than when it’s alive, changes beautifully is a scientific proof that the sins of that person have got cleansed. The desiccated skin takes on flesh and becomes beautiful in grace because the sins are cleansed with the Water of Life. For the sins to be cleansed, it cannot be done with the blood shed on the cross. The so-called precious blood of sins shed on the cross will never work. For the sins to be cleaned, the grace of the Holy Spirit should come down. Right? Now, it is time for the right and wrong to be exposed. Therefore, the Holy Spirit which comes down like dew at the end of the time to cleanse the world is the most precious Holy Spirit. God descend this grace like dew, the Holy Dew Spirit. So I say unto you that—having come with the hand of might and power, the hand of salvation, mercy and love; the hand that melts sin and completely dissolves the composition of devil; the hand that pours forth the spirit of the triune God, and transforms you to the eternal composition of the Holy Spirit and takes you to the eternal world—I am the God who gives the salvation, the truest of the true.
Let us sing this hymn together.
(No. 526)

Looking at the beauty and honor of God,
I forget all the worry and walk on the holy path.
There is the holy path with no sad cloud,
I walk on the holy path bright like the daylight. 1) 2 Corinthians 12:2~3
2) 1 Corinthians 15:54
3) Hosea 14:5~6

God’s Precious Hand of Salvation

하나님의 귀하신 구원의 손

From the beginning of history to the present, no one has pointed out that humans are essentially composed of the devil. There is no way anyone can know this, unless he be the creator himself. Suppose he did just two things: point out the diabolic composition and explain in detail the method of casting it off and taking on a new composition of the Holy Spirit―two things that he could do as true God. But were these all he did, he would be the God of methodology only. Better not to know about it at all. How frustrating it is to have clear knowledge only of the method of casting off the old to attain eternal life! Will it do to have just knowledge of your composition, thorough comprehension of the method of discarding diabolic composition, lucid understanding about changing to the composition of the Holy Spirit? Or should you receive salvation? Yes, you should receive salvation. If as true God he presents only the two things mentioned but no more, he is just the God of methodology, like a cake in a picture. Suppose you ogle a cake in a picture, hungering for it. Does that cake fill your stomach? We would have nothing further to expect from a God who brings only those two gifts. If all that theoretical knowledge of salvation does not lead to salvation and all that tearing of the breast in frustration and beating and butting of the ground until your forehead splits open is to no effect, wouldn’t it be better not to have heard about it at all? Only God can reveal these two truths, but without the means to implement that knowledge, you have been led down this road for nothing. But this hand of mine is a treasure, which provides the means to melt down diabolic matter. It may look no different than any other but it has a structure that produces the spirit of the triune God. From the tip of this hand comes forth the spirit of the triune God. This is the spirit of the triune God. Without it, all is in vain. So I say unto you that―having come with the hand of might and power, the hand of salvation, mercy and love, pours forth the spirit of the triune God, replaces the diabolic composition with that of the Holy Spirit and takes you to the eternal world―I am the one, the truest of the true. Spoken at the Choir Dinner, October 3, 1985,
and on Holy Dew Spirit Day, May 25, 1986

God, the Olive Tree, the Giver of Salvation!

God’s sermon to be broadcast on Holy Dew Spirit Day in 2021

Now let me talk about salvation. There are many religions, hundreds of thousands of them, including their denominations, all addressing the issue of salvation.
Why do we believe in these religions? With an average life span of 80 years humans crave for immortality and come up with such notions as the hereafter, paradise, nirvana and heaven, all raving how good they are. But I say to you today that none of them will take you there nor save any of you Now you should know how humans on this earth were created. You should know that humans on the earth in this universe are living the life in the First Hell. The life you are living now is a life in hell and you are most likely to be thrown into the fire pit of the Second Hell. Why is it a life in hell? In the beginning God created the First Heaven, and three trillion years ago He created this earth and its universe. In the First Heaven, however, as humans, a multitude of them, committed sin, their souls were condemned and have been judged over this period of 3 trillion years. This is the First Hell. Nobody knows about it except God. During those three trillion years humans received judgment every five thousand years on average. As they go on procreating to the limit every five thousand years, give or take, they get struck down by judgment. How many times have they been so judged? Divide three trillion by five thousand and you get the number. In Noah’s time God carried out the judgment with water. The period before Noah’s flood was 5,000 years on average. When the number of humans who died in this period was less, the period was shortened. By the same token, when more people died, the period got lengthened. In any event by Noah’s time the population had reached its limit after five thousand years and God unleashed the judgment with the great flood. The rain started to come down. After forty days and forty nights, the whole earth including all the high mountains lay under water. This raises the question: "However hard it may have rained for forty days, could it raise the flood level so high as to cover the whole world including the highest mountains so that no land could be seen?" It’s hard to believe. Calculate the amount of rainfall in 40 days, then the size of dry land on earth, rivers and oceans, along with the speed of flowing water per second. The inevitable conclusion is that the whole earth cannot be covered with water, however hard the rain may fall for forty days. Now, listen carefully. During Noah’s flood the amount of water and soil from the ground was much larger than the amount of the rainfall. At the time the mountains were a lot bigger, ten to twenty times wider around than those of today, which are sharp-pointed and mostly rocky. The earth before the flood was mostly land without much water. As the rain continued, the land mass of the mountains, ten, twenty times larger than that of today’s mountains, washed down, filling the rivers and oceans. The amount of earth filling up the spaces far exceeded that of the water. No one has had a clue to this before. This is like a landslide burying a valley tens of thousands of meters deep, along with what water there may be. Whole sides split off mountains to level the ground below, splashing into the water from the rain. This is how even the highest mountains came under water. Only eight members of Noah’s family survived aboard the ark, adrift with no land in sight. When the rain stopped, Noah sent out a dove that returned with an olive leaf in its beak, a symbol of the Olive Tree, God incarnate in human form, who descends as the Holy Dew Spirit today to save humanity at the end of time. Now the earth has come to the limit. It’ll get much colder in Korea. In 1955 I predicted that when snow comes between spring and summer in Korea, the end of the earth is near. Even if the seeds are sown early, the cold will strike before the crops ripen for the harvest, yielding no food for mankind, gradually but irreversibly. As the end of three trillion years nears, God is here in human form. As written, “I will be like dew…” (Hosea 14:5), the spirit of God will descend like dew. Also written is, “His splendor will be like an olive tree” (Hosea 14:6). Thus, the one who bestows the Holy Dew grace which symbolizes the spirit of God is the Olive Tree, and He is descending the grace like dew In the beginning of our church, even when I led the meetings indoors, grace like mist came down so thick that one could hardly see the next person, visible and, then, invisible. After a meeting in South Gyeongsang Province I moved to Seoul, and so did almost all Christians, big church leaders included, to participate in my ten-day meetings, clapping hands in rapture. Also in attendance were many terminally ill, who had been told by their doctors: “Your illness is incurable. So, go home and rest.” However, completely cured, they rose and ran. In the beginning God poured down grace like dew to prove the truth about the Olive Tree. Now you should know how to get salvation.
In order to enter the eternal world of Heaven you should qualify for immortality by not sinning even in thought. When you are about to sin, stop, get a grip on yourself, and turn away, thus scoring a victory over yourself. You should win. The first requirement is not to sin, daring even death itself.
You cannot be saved if you keep sinning. Damned to hell you will be. When thrown into the fire of the Second Hell, you’ll exclaim, “Ah, life on earth was the first punishment! Why did I commit sin in the First Heaven, wallowing in riches and fame, only to come to the first punishment and be thrown into the Second Hell?” However much you regret, it is no use. However hard you cry, beat the ground, and wail, it won’t help. Hell is where you suffer for eternity. You should avoid it. To avoid it, you should think straight and be alert.
I am the one who makes the last judgment like a thresher that separates the grain from the chaff. Held in my hands are both salvation and judgment. Even though all the people on earth shout a billion times, “The end of the world is at hand,” the world will not come to an end. The world will come to an end when the Creator comes and closes it down. I am that Creator, incarnate in human form, to fulfill my promise to save mankind.
As written, “I will be like dew,” God is to appear in human form to save mankind, pouring forth grace like dew. Verily I have the hands of power to transform people into eternal beings, however many they may be, hundred million, ten billion, hundred billion, trillion, ten trillion, hundred trillion, quadrillion. Mine are those hands of power. Let us sing this hymn together. < Hymn 549 >
Look, in the desert rich flowers are springing,
Streams ever copious are gliding along;
Loud from the mountain tops echoes are ringing,
Wastes rise in verdure, and mingle in the song. See, from all lands, from the isles of the ocean,
Praise in Jehovah ascending on high;
Fallen are the engines of war and commotion,
All rights reserved. Reproduction or redistribution of this material without permission is strictly prohibited. 하나님 말씀의 저작권은 한국천부교전도관부흥협회 및 한국천부교전도관유지재단에 있으며 저작권자의 허가없이 말씀을 출판ㆍ복사ㆍ전재하는 것은 저작권법 위반행위로 민ㆍ형사상의 법적 책임의 대상이 됩니다.

Humans Do Not Know Heaven

천국은 인간이 알 수 없어

Apostle Paul, known to be the most learned of Jesus’ disciples, said, “I have been to the third heaven, but I do not know whether it was in the body or out of body.” If he had been there, he should be able to say something about it, but all he could say was “I cannot bring myself to talk about it.” That’s nonsense. He simply did not know and could not talk about it, as no human has the means to know heaven.
The first couple created in the heavenly world was not composed of corruptible matter as here on earth. For an eternity, they didn’t urinate, not even a drop. They had no anus for defecation. Why? Over there, God created and supplied to them the food of life. There was no earth, no soil, from where corruptible matter can grow. The ground is composed of precious jewels. And everything is recreated and upgraded 144 times a second. The eyes never blink for eternity. The humans on earth are cursed creatures as they sinned in the first heaven. No one knows these facts about heaven. No human knows. Even those who wrote the Bible had no knowledge.
So-called theologians and pastors claim, “God is the Alpha and the Omega.” This is nonsense. If there is a beginning, there is an end. If God has an end and is to die, there must be a cemetery in heaven. Do you want to go to the heaven with a cemetery? It’s total nonsense. n that world, you live forever, studying the science of creation―studying for an eternity how to create and how to harmonize the creations. There is no end, no Omega.
You should know this world is composed of the devil. People often lament, “This world is full of sins and pain; how can we live here?” It is a world of pain, worry, and anxiety. It’s a pessimistic world where people commit suicide. It’s a world full of jealousy and hatred, people committing murders. It’s a world full of arrogance. This is because it’s a cursed world. In contrast, in that other world, there is nothing that can cause you to frown or grimace. There is no pain, worry or sorrow whatsoever.
In this world, humans become sick and die. Various devils of sickness attack them, pressing them down with multiple layers of pain. It is punishment for the sins they committed in the first heaven. And they are destined to fall into the pit of fire of second hell. No one has ever been saved so far.
There is a phrase, my insertion in the Bible, “There is no one righteous, not even one,” which is absolutely right. Your composition must be transformed completely. Otherwise, you cannot make it with your corruptible makeup. Just faith, believing in something, won’t help. You cannot make it with such nonsense. The perishable should be clothed with the imperishable. You should be fully prepared, and the actual conditions for this transformation should be in place.
Spoken on July 24, 1986

Spoken Promise of God

하나님과의 언약

When you comprehend the meaning, even a little, the savor of the hymn changes. In this world, contracts are drawn up and promises made in writing, but God gives his word. In a gentle voice I am telling you, “Obey without fail, lest you should fall and be miserable. Obey to the letter and come with me to that world, because there is no salvation unless you go with God. To go together to that world of eternal joy, do not sin. You can go only if you keep the law, the law of liberty, which means you shouldn’t trespass even in thought.” Is this a promise in writing or is it given orally? It is my spoken word.
Once made, God’s promise is forever and does not change. But nothing can be done if people sin. Keeping that promise made with a gentle voice, we shall go together. Do not violate my commandments if you want to live in that world forever. Let us go there together by keeping the law without fail, not violating it even in thought. Is that a promise? It is. I don’t change. If you keep your word, I will take you, absolutely. But if you keep committing sin, there’s nothing I can do.
As it is said, “The covenant with my Lord is forever and unchangeable,” I am saying that my spoken promise shall not change, for all eternity. Sing, reflecting on the meaning, “As the covenant with my Lord is forever and unchangeable, He will always protect us until we reach that country.”

Spoken on Holy Dew Spirit Day, May 28, 1983

Salvation comes only through the Holy Dew Spirit.

영원한 구원을 주시는 이슬성신

There are so many religions. Including denominations, there are hundreds of thousands of religions addressing the issue of salvation. But why do we believe in these religions? Humans die at age 80 on average. Hoping for eternal life, they’ve thought about such places as paradise, nirvana, and heaven. But, I declare that none of these religions can lead you to that kind of place. And no one shall be saved. The humans on this earth are composed of feces. Whatever you eat becomes feces eight hours later. Raise your hands if anybody here does not have the internal organs which produce feces. Of course, there is none. Then, with this composition of feces, do you think you can live forever? In order to receive salvation, the body of flesh, the diabolic make-up composed of feces, should be transformed. This is the essential point. Jesus Christ and his father, the so-called God, did not know about this transformation. Without knowing this, none can be saved. Referring to the Old and New Testaments, all humans understand that Adam and Eve, before eating the fruit of knowledge, were supposed to live forever. But Adam and Eve slept soundly, ate the food of the earth, had digestive organs full of feces, urinated and defecated. They had no way of living forever. Composed of flesh, humans get tired, sleep, hunch over due to old age, and eventually pass away. Christians, pastors, theologians and Jesus Christ all thought humans composed of flesh can receive salvation. However, they cannot be saved. When people say they can be saved by believing in Jesus, they mean that they can be saved if their sins are cleansed by the blood of Jesus shed on the Cross. But among the five parts of the human body―bone, tendon, skin, muscle and blood―which of the five will rot first? Blood or tendon? Blood rots first. Blood is the root of corruption.
In the Bible, it is written: “When perishable has been clothed with the imperishable….” ⁱ⁾Blood, which rots first when a person dies, cannot be the imperishable, which clothes the perishable. Therefore, there is no salvation with blood.
It is also written, “….so that what is mortal may be swallowed up in life.” ⁲⁾ Christians believe the life mentioned here is the blood of Jesus Christ.
Blood is the life of the flesh. The blood of a cow is the life of it, the blood of a dog is the life of it, and so is the blood of a chicken. Sap of a tree is the blood of it. Likewise, the blood of Jesus is the life of Jesus. Then is the blood, the life of Jesus, an exception, or the same life of flesh to rot and decompose? When a person dies, blood is the root of corruption along with feces.
Jesus has deceived so many by saying he could save them. Then, if he cannot give any salvation, is he the son of God or the son of devil? By this alone, I would brand him as the devil. In October 7, 1988, an article titled “Rather than salvation, let’s improve our characters” appeared in the Korea Times on page 12. The gist of the article is, “We’ll give up seeking salvation, but would rather concentrate on living in this world according to conscience.” Christians who record my sermons also came to understand that salvation is not possible, Jesus is not helpful, and the God in the Bible is fake. They now frankly acknowledge that they cannot receive salvation from Jesus. Thus, as they are giving up and abandoning to seek salvation, their religion will have nothing to do with the Holy Spirit and you’d better leave such a religion. Why? There, the evil spirit begins to function and all kinds of devils shall surge in.
If you try to live conscientiously without the Holy Spirit, however hard you may try, you cannot become good. Then, what kind of Holy Spirit do you need? Ultimately, you need the Holy Dew Spirit which can transform the flesh, composed of feces, into the make-up of the Holy Spirit, which the Olive Tree brings forth. Although it’s written in the Bible, nobody has known about the Holy Dew Spirit. Even theologians with doctorates could not figure it out even though they read the Bible tens of thousands of times. However, I am the one who brought it and descend it. It is written, “I will be like dew… His splendor will be like an olive tree…” ⁳⁾ This is it. I descend the Spirit of God like dew and the splendor is like an olive tree. In the beginning of our church, a lot of the Holy Dew Spirit came down at our meetings on Mt. Nam, on the shore of the Han River, just upside of the 1st Han River bridge, and then on the beach at Youngdeung-po. We had to hold the meetings at large places because of the number who came to our meetings, including the sick on the stretchers. Many of the sick reeked like corpses. However, notables such as Ms. Im Yung-shin, then-President of Chung-Ang University, came and participated, singing hymns and clapping hands.
The voice of Ms. Im, soft like a baby, asked: “I am surrounded by the terribly ill people covered in pus, but how come I smell the exquisite fragrance penetrating deep into my heart, not the odor of putrefaction?” I answered, “That is the fragrance of Heaven. As the Spirit of God descends, you smell the divine fragrance of God.” The Spirit of God descends the grace like dew. Thus, the one who descends it is God, the Olive Tree. Thus, if I bless the water of the Pacific Ocean with my hands, it all transforms into the water of life. Bring over here 100 drums of water from the Pacific Ocean. After I bless over them, you shall rub any number of the corpses with it. All the corpses will bloom beautifully. The grace like dew is the Spirit of God and only with that can I give you salvation. The one who clothes perishable with the imperishable, and transforms it into the composition of the Holy Spirit, the eternal being of grace like dew, is the Olive Tree. Compare it to the grub worm, who after burrowing in the ground, metamorphoses into the flying cicada that drinks the dew. Likewise, humans composed of feces shall also be transformed. Those who qualify for this transformation will be ready to enter the Heavenly Kingdom and enjoy the eternal life of joy and delight. When the time ripens, God says, “Arise and shine….” ⁴⁾ Then, the light God will shine instantaneously, as it is written, “….the Lord will be your everlasting light, and your God will be your glory.” ⁵⁾ And it is also written, “Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” ⁶⁾ At that time, the Holy Dew Spirit will come down indescribably. With God shining, the grace like dew surges in, purging the devils from your bodies. The transformation from the composition of the devil to that of the Holy Spirit will be completed in one-billionth of a second. You become completely transparent, with no hearts or lungs. There is no air. The boundless universe will be brightened with the light of God. The universe will be full of the Holy Dew Spirit. And because it’s full of the Holy Dew Spirit, the light of God shines even more brightly.
As I said, on the last day when God says, “Shine,” the whole landscape changes. Then, what is most important? You should not sin even at the risk of death. Only then will you be transformed.
You will be transformed into the composition of the Holy Dew Spirit and live for eternity. No other religion can give you salvation. Unless God transforms you into the make-up of the Holy Spirit, there is no way to be saved. I am truly the one, the Almighty Lord who gives salvation. Let us sing this hymn together.
Look, in the desert rich flowers are springing,
Streams ever copious are gliding along;
Loud from the mountain tops echoes are ringing,
Wastes rise in verdure, and mingle in the song.

See, from all lands, from the isles of the ocean,
Praise in Jehovah ascending on high;
Fallen are the engines of war and commotion,
Shouts of salvation are rending the sky.
1) 1 Corinthians 15:53
2) 1 Corinthians 15:54
3) Hosea 14:5-6
4) Isaiah 60:1
5) Isaiah 60:19-20
6) Matthew 28:20

God’s Judgment, All Too Fair

너무도 공정한 하나님의 심판

At the hour of judgment all humans born since Creation, even those bound for hell, will transform temporarily into gods. Hearts and sins are measured as if on a scale with zero tolerance for error, yielding totally reliable and accurate measurements of sin. Becoming godlike, everyone can observe everything, seeing each other clearly. God’s judgments are meted out instantly. So, some may express surprise, “Ah, that person was guilty of that sin. He appeared so gentle, stayed so close to God, but still committed such a sin.” Seeing their own penalties measured out so fairly, those destined for hell move in that direction without hesitation, while those to be saved step aside. Their destinations so determined, no one destined for hell can complain, because my guidance had already been offered countless times and ignored during their mortal lives. They thought their sins went unnoticed, but they were measured with such meticulous detail, precision and fairness, without error, not even the smallest of errors, as if with a scale that has zero tolerance for error. Seeing their sins, hearts and all so weighed, they go to hell and suffer its eternal pain without a word of complaint. Not even one soul can contradict me. They know they have consistently ignored my advice. All too clear are the sins of disobedience delineated before them and all too just are the calculations by which punishments for such disobedient actions are meted out. Upon momentary transformation to divine intelligence, capable of surveying the totality of sin, the two classes separate, one bound for hell and the other for salvation.
Spoken on Holy Dew Spirit Day, January 2, 1982

The Earth is the Center of the Universe, with the Stars as Its Accessories

지구는 우주의 중심, 우주의 별은 액세서리

I want to say that the Earth is 100% the center of the whole universe. The universe contains stars 50 million times bigger than the Earth. The Milky Way alone has stars 1 million or 50 million times bigger. I am the one who heats them up to incandescence. There is no limit. The Milky Way has been created as an accessory to the Earth to symbolize the silvery sea of the eternal world. The Earth is among the smallest of stars in the universe on a scale of 100. Most of these stars are bigger than the Earth. If one must look for something smaller than even this pigmy Earth, it would be the Moon. The dead center of the diminutive Earth is the center of the whole universe, not deviating even by one millimeter. This is the general headquarters of the universe, where God resides. Do you understand? I want to add one more thing. Of all the infinite stars in the universe, some 50 million times as big as the Earth, none has life on them except the Earth. There are countless stars, each 1 million to 50 million times bigger than the Earth and yet barely visible blurs because of their enormous distances. No living form is found among them, because I have created these numerous stars of the universe as accessories for man to look upon. What other useful purpose could there be for making stars 1 million times, 10 million times, 50 million times bigger than the Earth and yet devoid of life or anything else, except to make them serve as accessories? Do you understand that or not? You do. Spoken on May 24 and June 25, 1982

The Holy Spirit Does Not Compromise With Sin

성신은 죄와 타협하지 않는다

"Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear. But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear." (Isaiah 59:1-2) Your sins have hidden and separated God from you. Blocked by the wall of sin, He cannot hear, however loudly you may implore. Therefore, sin is anathema. Which do you like better, a pile of dung or a bed of flowers in bloom? Flowers, of course. To the pile of dung swarm bluebottle flies in the tens, hundreds, thousands and dig in with their noses, until it is covered entirely with their mass. But bees and butterflies, brought near it, squirm and wiggle away and hasten, instead, to flowers. On the other hand, put flies on flowers and they will squirm and wiggle and fly off in search of dung. Imagine another flower in bloom―to the undiscriminating human eye or nose it seems beautiful, fragrant and redolent of honey. But bring bees or butterflies to it and they fly away, whereas flies readily take to the seemingly beautiful flower. Although indiscernible to the human sense, decay has already begun inside the flower, making it attractive to flies. The essence behind all this talk today: Do not transgress even with your eyes, in mind, or in thought. Sin is death. Avoid sin. Full of the Holy Spirit, your heart and mind may be beautiful, but the Holy Spirit will squirm and wiggle away the moment even a hint of sin is harbored in the beauty. The Holy Spirit does not compromise with sin and departs the moment one-billionth of a single sinful thought enters. Then the devil leaps aboard, just as hundreds and thousands of flies cling to the flower that rots and runs with putrefaction. Spoken on Day of Blessings, April 20, 1987