Salvation comes only through the Holy Dew Spirit.

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God’s sermon

  • There are so many religions. Including denominations, there are hundreds of thousands of religions addressing the issue of salvation.
  • But why do we believe in these religions? Humans die at age 80 on average. Hoping for eternal life, they’ve thought about such places as paradise, nirvana, and heaven. But, I declare that none of these religions can lead you to that kind of place. And no one shall be saved.
  • The humans on this earth are composed of feces. Whatever you eat becomes feces eight hours later. Raise your hands if anybody here does not have the internal organs which produce feces. Of course, there is none. Then, with this composition of feces, do you think you can live forever?
  • In order to receive salvation, the body of flesh, the diabolic make-up composed of feces, should be transformed. This is the essential point. Jesus Christ and his father, the so-called God, did not know about this transformation. Without knowing this, none can be saved.
  • Referring to the Old and New Testaments, all humans understand that Adam and Eve, before eating the fruit of knowledge, were supposed to live forever. But Adam and Eve slept soundly, ate the food of the earth, had digestive organs full of feces, urinated and defecated. They had no way of living forever. Composed of flesh, humans get tired, sleep, hunch over due to old age, and eventually pass away.
  • Christians, pastors, theologians and Jesus Christ all thought humans composed of flesh can receive salvation. However, they cannot be saved.
  • When people say they can be saved by believing in Jesus, they mean that they can be saved if their sins are cleansed by the blood of Jesus shed on the Cross.
  • But among the five parts of the human body―bone, tendon, skin, muscle and blood―which of the five will rot first? Blood or tendon? Blood rots first. Blood is the root of corruption.
  • In the Bible, it is written: “When perishable has been clothed with the imperishable….” ⁱ⁾Blood, which rots first when a person dies, cannot be the imperishable, which clothes the perishable. Therefore, there is no salvation with blood.
  • It is also written, “….so that what is mortal may be swallowed up in life.” ⁲⁾ Christians believe the life mentioned here is the blood of Jesus Christ.
  • Blood is the life of the flesh. The blood of a cow is the life of it, the blood of a dog is the life of it, and so is the blood of a chicken. Sap of a tree is the blood of it. Likewise, the blood of Jesus is the life of Jesus. Then is the blood, the life of Jesus, an exception, or the same life of flesh to rot and decompose? When a person dies, blood is the root of corruption along with feces.
  • Jesus has deceived so many by saying he could save them. Then, if he cannot give any salvation, is he the son of God or the son of devil? By this alone, I would brand him as the devil.
  • In October 7, 1988, an article titled “Rather than salvation, let’s improve our characters” appeared in the Korea Times on page 12. The gist of the article is, “We’ll give up seeking salvation, but would rather concentrate on living in this world according to conscience.” Christians who record my sermons also came to understand that salvation is not possible, Jesus is not helpful, and the God in the Bible is fake.
  • They now frankly acknowledge that they cannot receive salvation from Jesus. Thus, as they are giving up and abandoning to seek salvation, their religion will have nothing to do with the Holy Spirit and you’d better leave such a religion. Why? There, the evil spirit begins to function and all kinds of devils shall surge in.
  • If you try to live conscientiously without the Holy Spirit, however hard you may try, you cannot become good. Then, what kind of Holy Spirit do you need? Ultimately, you need the Holy Dew Spirit which can transform the flesh, composed of feces, into the make-up of the Holy Spirit, which the Olive Tree brings forth.
  • Although it’s written in the Bible, nobody has known about the Holy Dew Spirit. Even theologians with doctorates could not figure it out even though they read the Bible tens of thousands of times. However, I am the one who brought it and descend it.
  • It is written, “I will be like dew… His splendor will be like an olive tree…” ⁳⁾ This is it. I descend the Spirit of God like dew and the splendor is like an olive tree.
  • In the beginning of our church, a lot of the Holy Dew Spirit came down at our meetings on Mt. Nam, on the shore of the Han River, just upside of the 1st Han River bridge, and then on the beach at Youngdeung-po.
  • We had to hold the meetings at large places because of the number who came to our meetings, including the sick on the stretchers. Many of the sick reeked like corpses. However, notables such as Ms. Im Yung-shin, then-President of Chung-Ang University, came and participated, singing hymns and clapping hands.
  • The voice of Ms. Im, soft like a baby, asked: “I am surrounded by the terribly ill people covered in pus, but how come I smell the exquisite fragrance penetrating deep into my heart, not the odor of putrefaction?” I answered, “That is the fragrance of Heaven. As the Spirit of God descends, you smell the divine fragrance of God.”
  • The Spirit of God descends the grace like dew. Thus, the one who descends it is God, the Olive Tree.
  • Thus, if I bless the water of the Pacific Ocean with my hands, it all transforms into the water of life. Bring over here 100 drums of water from the Pacific Ocean. After I bless over them, you shall rub any number of the corpses with it. All the corpses will bloom beautifully. The grace like dew is the Spirit of God and only with that can I give you salvation. The one who clothes perishable with the imperishable, and transforms it into the composition of the Holy Spirit, the eternal being of grace like dew, is the Olive Tree.
  • Compare it to the grub worm, who after burrowing in the ground, metamorphoses into the flying cicada that drinks the dew. Likewise, humans composed of feces shall also be transformed. Those who qualify for this transformation will be ready to enter the Heavenly Kingdom and enjoy the eternal life of joy and delight.
  • When the time ripens, God says, “Arise and shine….” ⁴⁾ Then, the light God will shine instantaneously, as it is written, “….the Lord will be your everlasting light, and your God will be your glory.” ⁵⁾ And it is also written, “Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” ⁶⁾
  • At that time, the Holy Dew Spirit will come down indescribably. With God shining, the grace like dew surges in, purging the devils from your bodies. The transformation from the composition of the devil to that of the Holy Spirit will be completed in one-billionth of a second. You become completely transparent, with no hearts or lungs. There is no air.
  • The boundless universe will be brightened with the light of God. The universe will be full of the Holy Dew Spirit. And because it’s full of the Holy Dew Spirit, the light of God shines even more brightly.
  • As I said, on the last day when God says, “Shine,” the whole landscape changes. Then, what is most important? You should not sin even at the risk of death. Only then will you be transformed.
  • You will be transformed into the composition of the Holy Dew Spirit and live for eternity. No other religion can give you salvation. Unless God transforms you into the make-up of the Holy Spirit, there is no way to be saved. I am truly the one, the Almighty Lord who gives salvation.
  • Let us sing this hymn together.

  • Look, in the desert rich flowers are springing,
    Streams ever copious are gliding along;
    Loud from the mountain tops echoes are ringing,
    Wastes rise in verdure, and mingle in the song.

    See, from all lands, from the isles of the ocean,
    Praise in Jehovah ascending on high;
    Fallen are the engines of war and commotion,
    Shouts of salvation are rending the sky.
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    5) Isaiah 60:19-20
    6) Matthew 28:20
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