God, the Olive Tree, the Giver of Salvation!

God’s sermon to be broadcast on Holy Dew Spirit Day in 2021
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  • Now let me talk about salvation. There are many religions, hundreds of thousands of them, including their denominations, all addressing the issue of salvation.
  • Why do we believe in these religions? With an average life span of 80 years humans crave for immortality and come up with such notions as the hereafter, paradise, nirvana and heaven, all raving how good they are. But I say to you today that none of them will take you there nor save any of you
  • Now you should know how humans on this earth were created. You should know that humans on the earth in this universe are living the life in the First Hell. The life you are living now is a life in hell and you are most likely to be thrown into the fire pit of the Second Hell.
  • Why is it a life in hell? In the beginning God created the First Heaven, and three trillion years ago He created this earth and its universe. In the First Heaven, however, as humans, a multitude of them, committed sin, their souls were condemned and have been judged over this period of 3 trillion years. This is the First Hell. Nobody knows about it except God.
  • During those three trillion years humans received judgment every five thousand years on average. As they go on procreating to the limit every five thousand years, give or take, they get struck down by judgment. How many times have they been so judged? Divide three trillion by five thousand and you get the number.
  • In Noah’s time God carried out the judgment with water. The period before Noah’s flood was 5,000 years on average. When the number of humans who died in this period was less, the period was shortened. By the same token, when more people died, the period got lengthened. In any event by Noah’s time the population had reached its limit after five thousand years and God unleashed the judgment with the great flood.
  • The rain started to come down. After forty days and forty nights, the whole earth including all the high mountains lay under water.
  • This raises the question: "However hard it may have rained for forty days, could it raise the flood level so high as to cover the whole world including the highest mountains so that no land could be seen?" It’s hard to believe.
  • Calculate the amount of rainfall in 40 days, then the size of dry land on earth, rivers and oceans, along with the speed of flowing water per second. The inevitable conclusion is that the whole earth cannot be covered with water, however hard the rain may fall for forty days.
  • Now, listen carefully. During Noah’s flood the amount of water and soil from the ground was much larger than the amount of the rainfall. At the time the mountains were a lot bigger, ten to twenty times wider around than those of today, which are sharp-pointed and mostly rocky. The earth before the flood was mostly land without much water. As the rain continued, the land mass of the mountains, ten, twenty times larger than that of today’s mountains, washed down, filling the rivers and oceans. The amount of earth filling up the spaces far exceeded that of the water. No one has had a clue to this before.
  • This is like a landslide burying a valley tens of thousands of meters deep, along with what water there may be. Whole sides split off mountains to level the ground below, splashing into the water from the rain.
  • This is how even the highest mountains came under water. Only eight members of Noah’s family survived aboard the ark, adrift with no land in sight. When the rain stopped, Noah sent out a dove that returned with an olive leaf in its beak, a symbol of the Olive Tree, God incarnate in human form, who descends as the Holy Dew Spirit today to save humanity at the end of time.
  • Now the earth has come to the limit. It’ll get much colder in Korea. In 1955 I predicted that when snow comes between spring and summer in Korea, the end of the earth is near. Even if the seeds are sown early, the cold will strike before the crops ripen for the harvest, yielding no food for mankind, gradually but irreversibly.
  • As the end of three trillion years nears, God is here in human form. As written, “I will be like dew…” (Hosea 14:5), the spirit of God will descend like dew. Also written is, “His splendor will be like an olive tree” (Hosea 14:6). Thus, the one who bestows the Holy Dew grace which symbolizes the spirit of God is the Olive Tree, and He is descending the grace like dew
  • In the beginning of our church, even when I led the meetings indoors, grace like mist came down so thick that one could hardly see the next person, visible and, then, invisible. After a meeting in South Gyeongsang Province I moved to Seoul, and so did almost all Christians, big church leaders included, to participate in my ten-day meetings, clapping hands in rapture.
  • Also in attendance were many terminally ill, who had been told by their doctors: “Your illness is incurable. So, go home and rest.” However, completely cured, they rose and ran. In the beginning God poured down grace like dew to prove the truth about the Olive Tree.
  • Now you should know how to get salvation.
    In order to enter the eternal world of Heaven you should qualify for immortality by not sinning even in thought.
  • When you are about to sin, stop, get a grip on yourself, and turn away, thus scoring a victory over yourself. You should win. The first requirement is not to sin, daring even death itself.
  • You cannot be saved if you keep sinning. Damned to hell you will be. When thrown into the fire of the Second Hell, you’ll exclaim, “Ah, life on earth was the first punishment! Why did I commit sin in the First Heaven, wallowing in riches and fame, only to come to the first punishment and be thrown into the Second Hell?” However much you regret, it is no use. However hard you cry, beat the ground, and wail, it won’t help. Hell is where you suffer for eternity.
  • You should avoid it. To avoid it, you should think straight and be alert.
    I am the one who makes the last judgment like a thresher that separates the grain from the chaff. Held in my hands are both salvation and judgment.
  • Even though all the people on earth shout a billion times, “The end of the world is at hand,” the world will not come to an end. The world will come to an end when the Creator comes and closes it down. I am that Creator, incarnate in human form, to fulfill my promise to save mankind.
  • As written, “I will be like dew,” God is to appear in human form to save mankind, pouring forth grace like dew. Verily I have the hands of power to transform people into eternal beings, however many they may be, hundred million, ten billion, hundred billion, trillion, ten trillion, hundred trillion, quadrillion. Mine are those hands of power.
  • Let us sing this hymn together.
  • < Hymn 549 >
    Look, in the desert rich flowers are springing,
    Streams ever copious are gliding along;
    Loud from the mountain tops echoes are ringing,
    Wastes rise in verdure, and mingle in the song.
  • See, from all lands, from the isles of the ocean,
    Praise in Jehovah ascending on high;
    Fallen are the engines of war and commotion,
    Shouts of salvation are rending the sky.
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