The time God has been waiting for to announce Him

The former Principal of Zion High School Seok Se-jo (2)
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After saying “No one knows who I am.” in 1957. Waiting for 25 years, He announced that He is God.

(Following the first episode)
It was early 1963. My body, which was relatively healthy, was weakening and lost strength, and the sound of my breathing could be heard even outside the door. I urgently had a medical check-up, and it was diagnosed as acute intestinal tuberculosis and pulmonary tuberculosis. In the meantime, rumors that I was almost dead reached the ears of my relatives.
I heard from one of my relatives that my uncle, a doctor, was cursing me as a stupid idiot who sat down and waited for the day to die rather than going to the hospital. Since my relatives were not only swearing me, but also insulting God, I visited my uncle’s house assisted by my younger brother to show that there was nothing wrong with me, and also to give the New Year’s greeting.
Looking at my skinny look like a skeleton as I couldn’t eat even a single egg, my uncle took me to the hospital right away. At the hospital called Jo X-ray in Jongro 2-ga, I took an X-ray and went out to eat a little bit of hot noodles. When I came back, I found my uncle quite depressed. He told me to go home and lie down without doing anything.

On that day, the relatives who rarely came to my house visited me. The relatives who came to see me comforted me, saying “The disease is okay,” and went outside and cried. As I learned later, the result of the X-ray was very disappointing. My uncle told my relatives, “It is a miracle that this guy has been alive so far, and if he lives for about a week or so, he will live a lot, and if he does not die, this is thanks to God, Elder Park Tae-sun.” The reason relatives who didn’t come visited me was they wanted to see my face before my death. My uncle, a doctor, who has passed away now, was the first one to call Yeongmonim (spiritual mother) ‘God.’

Zion Middle and High School

My body weakening and suffering from intestinal tuberculosis and pulmonary tuberculosis.
It is a miracle that this man has been alive so far, and if he lives for about a week or so, this is thanks to God.

When my body reached this point, I sent a letter to God. At that time, I was working as a teacher at Zion High School. I had to hire another teacher in place of me so as not to cause harm to the students.

The day after sending a letter, His word was delivered to me, “Your life is in my hands, so don’t worry. Wait until I call you.”
After that, I started eating food little by little. Strangely, I started to have an appetite and ate anything at random.

Three days later, I went to see God to have His hands on me in my dream. There were some men who came late that day because of factory work, and God smiled and said, ‘I won’t do it for you if you come late next time.” Lastly when I lied down, He didn’t lay His hands on me. I asked Him several times, “Please.” but He didn’t touch me, saying, “It’s okay. I’ll do it next time.” And I woke up.

I was skinniest like a skeleton, but as my condition gradually improved, I went out to the yard, walked, and slowly recovered myself. When my uncle and other relatives heard that my condition was improving, they no longer cursed at Chunbukyo Church.
One day after six months, I went out to the yard and walked around the flower bed, and suddenly I felt uneasy. Just then, my younger brother ran up to me and said, “God told you to come to have His hands on.” With the support of my younger brother, I went so see God. However, as I saw in my dream six months ago, the men who came late to get His hands on were there. The only difference was I did get His hands on this time.

God saying that lung disease is not a problem.
The disease has been cured after blessing.

God looked at me and said, “Don’t worry. There’s no problem with lung disease like that.” First of all, he beat my chest about eight times and gave me a special blessing hitting twenty-thee or twenty-four times again, saying, “Shh! Shh!”

While God was beating my chest, I felt the pain as if it were stabbed with chestnuts, and finally, the word “Stop beating.” came out to my throat, but I held it in. God also said to me, “Doesn’t it hurt like being stabbed with chestnuts?” After it’s done, He said, “It’s over. Go to work tomorrow.” and smiled.

Coming back home, I walked on my feet. And when I looked at the chest, there were marks that looked like chestnuts.
And the next day, when I went to school, Principal Kim was surprised and told me to go home and lie down for a week, saying that he knew about the lung disease because his son died of it. So I rested one week.
Now, even though I’m healthy, I’ve been suffering from a cold whenever the season changes. Maybe it’s because I didn’t keep His word to go to work and move from the following day.

One day in 1980, I went to the Faith Village with two university professors who didn’t believe in our religion.
On that day, God pointed out the verses of the Bible and said 98% were wrong. The professors who listened to God said they knew nothing, but admired like this, “The one who points out the errors of the Bible is a great man unprecedented in history.”
Also, on one blessing day, when God spoke about the structure of the human body, I was diligently dictating it thinking about getting a doctor’s degree. And suddenly He said, “Principal Seok! What are you going to do with a doctor’s degree?” Like this, even among so many people, He saw through our hearts and minds clearly. He didn’t like to be treated in a formal way. He liked being honest.

In 1981, God announced “I am God.” The next day, He said on the phone, “Do you believe in my yesterday’s sermon?” and I replied, “I believe in the Olive Tree because you taught me, and I believe in everything because God announces it.” In this way, God revealed to the people of the world what he had said in 1957 “No one knows who I am,” after 25 years later.

In 1987, at a meeting of ministers, God asked me to sing a hymn. I sang #552 hymn up to verse 3. “I’ll follow you, I’ll follow you, I’ll follow you forever, I’ll follow you forever.” Even now, when I sing the hymn, I often shed tears because I think of God.

I just would like to thank God for saving me 30 years ago and for protecting me until now. Thank you, my God.

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