The Devil’s Spawn in the Other Universe explained by God

God’s Sermon broadcast on Thanksgiving Day in 2021
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The devil's spawns in the other universe made flying saucers which can fly over an enormous distance in an instant. If God did not clarify the identity of the devil's spawns, the humans on earth may have considered them as angels.

The origin of the devil
  • I would like to explain very easily, summing up, one by one, about the matter which the humans have not been able to explain so far. I’ll disclose it one by one.
  • When the theologians of the world gather, the most perplexing question is whether the devil existed along with God from the beginning or it was created by God. This question, most baffling to theologians, has defied an answer despite their endless study. Is the devil a creator or a creature? Did the devil exist from way back, alongside of God, or did God make him out of nothing? I am going to explain about it today. Now listen carefully.

  • God created the First Heaven. There was no oxygen, nor nitro
    gen. The whole universe was full of the Holy Spirit. The light of God being inter-connected with the Holy Spirit made it utterly bright.
  • As those who listened to my previous sermon know, when I created the First Heaven, it was not intended to make the humans eternally rotten and mortal creatures. God created humans utterly beautiful as the composition of the Holy Spirit.
  • God was extremely joyful for some time. However, it is sin to disobey God’s will, whatever it may be. As the humans increased to a comparatively large number, they began to violate God’s will, and the devil came into existence. As the devil entered the humans, the Holy Spirit departed.
  • In short, God did not create the devil. As the humans composed of the Holy Spirit disobeyed God’s will, the devil began to be engendered as the Holy Spirit departed. That’s the origin of the devil. This is a very valuable fact, which the humans here are not aware of despite their persistent study.

The flying saucer made by the devil’s spawn
  • The king of demon kings is the devil who was engendered in the First Heaven when sin was committed and it controls even Jesus. And the king of demon kings produced his own spawns living in numerous places in the other universe. The other universe, the devil’s universe, is tremendously large.
  • In the devil’s universe, there’re an incredible number of celestial bodies, each eight million to ninety million times larger than earth and each occupied by a unique type of devil, and the kinds of devil are so infinite that even the king of the demon kings has no clue on the number of kinds and their quantity.
  • We can call it as devil’s star or devil’s earth. The kinds of devils are innumerous and each kind of devils occupies one of the stars and propagates. Their universe is unimaginably large.
  • The devil’s spawns have extra-ordinary brains which cannot be compared to those of humans on this earth, as here on this earth their culture and civilization develop on average for 5,000 years until they get terminated. Then, they have to restart from scratch.
  • As the limit of this earth is 5,000 years, judgment is given for every 5,000 years. And when the judgment is done, their culture and civilization come down completely to zero and those, two or four, six or eight people who have crossed over the judgment, should restart from the completely zero brain, beginning from the primitive life.
  • However, the devil’s spawns have continued to live without interruption resulting in such a high intelligence. As their civilization has never fallen back, has never gone back to zero but continued to develop for the endless period, their intelligence reached the tremendously high level.
  • The flying saucers are the products of the devil’s spawn. They fly without fuel. The following example shows how much they are developed. In the other universe, where even with the speed of light you can get out of it after a few thousand of years, the flying saucer reaches from the end to the end instantly. The manmade satellite cannot be compared.
  • Inspired by flying saucers, humans invented the satellite with a certain determination, which would not even dare to be a toy compared to them. The flying saucers belong to the devil’s world.
  • There are so many kinds of them. They came here quite often. The devil’s spawns, they all came with the flying saucers. Even in the Old Testament, you’ll see the word, “cherubim” (Genesis 3-24) which refers to the flying saucers.
  • They say they want to see the earth. They want to see the earth as there are human beings. As I am even in their brains, I check their thoughts, even their jokes.
  • After looking around the earth, they jump up “ping” to the top of the heaven with such a speed so fast that the human eyes cannot follow. It is not such a long time ago that their speed was adjusted slow to make it visible to the human eyes.

  • Their heads are like those of octopuses, which are heavier than the total of their body weight. That’s why the bones of their foot are so big. In order to balance the weight of the head, the foot should be like a boat. So, their foot is big. But they are not moving on feet like crayfish. They are flying. They are incredibly fast. Without need of their flying saucers, even if they were right beside at the explosion of the nuclear bomb, they can avoid death, moving with a sonic boom, flying at a speed infinitely faster than the explosion’s windstorm.
One of the devil’s spawn burnt and brought down here
  • Even if so many flying saucers came to earth, none of them has crashed to the earth. This dreadful guy never crashes. They are made not to be hurt, not to be burnt.
  • They do not boil, or fry their food.
    They do not cook beef. They eat purely raw food.

  • They avoid the humans without making any sound. However, I
    chased one of them as we do when hunting an animal and made him burnt. In order to get some evidence, I made one of them burnt. Even if burnt, I also made him extremely eager to see the humans on earth and brought him here.
  • Now, we have bones of the dead spawn which has the head of octopus and a broken flying saucer. In order to provide the proof of what I am saying now, I have brought one of them down.
  • Thus, this is what you heard, “The guy on the flying saucer looks like being burnt.” Even though all kinds of devil’s spawn came here, if all of them went up, however hard I may explain about the identity of the devil’s spawn, nobody would believe me. They may say, “They are angels. His talk about the devil’s spawns in the other universe is all nonsense. If not angels, how can they go up to the heaven without making even a sound like “Whick”.
  • Therefore, I followed one of them, twisted his brain and had him burnt and crashed and made him leave his bones here. As bones are left, can anyone deny what I say now? The devil’s spawns are not in this universe, but in other universe.
  • The size of the other universe is so infinite. Each time I passed judgment on mankind on earth, I destroyed one of the devil’s worlds in the other universe. It’s a very serious talk.
The identity of the devil’s spawn clarified by God
  • Every word in my sermon today has an infinitely tremendous value. A few shovel of the sand brought from the moon is worth a few
    million dollars. Then, even one word in my sermon is well worth one billion pieces of diamonds, each one as big as the universe.

  • What I explained for a brief time now can be spoken only by God. It can neither be spoken by the king of demon kings nor any human, however intelligent one may be. You can find Godhead in every word of mine. Only God can explain it bar none. And make no mistake. I am the one, the true God
  • Let us sing a hymn. (No. 170)
  • Sweetly echo and spread, Won
    derful words of Life
    Offer pardon and peace to all, Wonderful words of Life
    Listen to the Words of God and get blessed forever
    Beautiful words, Precious words, Spring of Life Beautiful words, Precious words, Spring of Life
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