Only when you become righteous with the Holy Dew Spirit, you can reach salvation.

God’s sermon broadcast on Thanksgiving Day in 2020 이슬성신으로 의로워져야 구원 얻어요
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God’s sermon broadcast on Thanksgiving Day in 2020

2020년 추수감사절 방영 말씀
  • All religions say they will guide you to a good place. Buddhists talk about paradise and Christians talk about salvation, but they explain nothing about human creation. I’ve explained to you about the very purpose of creating mankind and some of you must have heard it tens of times.
  • Humans on this earth may think they are living luxurious lives. As the Creator, I say your lives here are those of hell and you are being punished here. Thus, this world is very complicated and, however rich or powerful, no humans feel comfortable here at heart.
  • Despite all the complexity around you, you’ll feel most comfort and peace when your sins are forgiven and cleansed by God, when you become pure inside and out. You are achieving Heaven in your mind, becoming qualified to get into Heaven, which is the most precious goal.
  • Even those who have the power to shake the world and every property on earth cannot sleep in peace with their legs stretched. They are bothered by anxiety, uneasiness, pain, sometimes futility and pessimism. Their insides are infected by a swarm of devils from hell. Their minds know no peace.
  • There is a hymn which depicts this earth as Hell: “No haven of rest awaits this body of mine faring on the troubled path of life.
  • No place is free from worry and trouble.” The earth is depicted as Hell that you fell into from First Heaven. “The Heavenly Kingdom is my home, where I must return.” It is a hymn seeking one’s original home in First Heaven. We should now seek to go to Second Heaven. Shall we sing the hymn?
  • (Hymn 507)
    No haven of rest awaits this body of mine faring on the troubled path of life.
    No place is free from worry and trouble. The Kingdom of Heaven is my home where I must return.
    Even if blown by cold winds in the wilderness, the road remaining is not long. Even if swept down by snowstorms from over the mountain, the Kingdom of Heaven is my home where I must return.
  • If you get rid of sin and become righteous, your life becomes so precious that it cannot be bartered for anything in the world. Is there anything more blessing? There is nothing more valuable anywhere in the world. Everything will be resolved if you get rid of sin. That is the end of the story.
  • The reason why you are prostrate here today is to have your mind cleansed to achieve salvation. By possessing a mind of such holiness and beauty, your acts and life on this earth will become of utmost brilliance and preciousness. I believe you have come to me at this hour for that purpose. Endeavor earnestly and beseech intently to attain those holy traits. I am the very one, the Almighty God, who washes away all your sins.
  • As it is written in the Book of Hosea, “I will be like dew….” (Hosea 14:5) and “His splendor will be like an olive tree...” (Hosea 14:6), the grace of the Almighty God is to descend like dew.
  • Today, you are sitting down spaced apart. When our church started, you were packed tightly, making it difficult to even clap your hands, and grace like dew was descending in thick mists. The grace is coming down now, and it is the most precious grace of all.
  • As the scripture is written, “Receive the Holy Spirit, out of his belly shall flow the rivers of living water,” (John 7:38), today the real water of life is flowing. They are not just words. The grace is going out. The living water mentioned in the scripture is the Water of Life, the water of the Holy Dew Spirit.
  • How do I bless the water? Our church members bring well water or tap water in tightly sealed bottles and leave them about 10 meters away and I bless them. Even if the bottles were placed inside a safe made with steel walls 100 meters thick, the grace goes in through.
  • If you keep blessed water and ordinary water in separate bottles undisturbed in a safe for three or five years, you would see the difference. You will find the ordinary water putrid, with scum floating on top. However, you would find the blessed water crystal clear, like distilled water. This is the power of God.
  • A gruesome emaciated corpse once rubbed with the water of life, after a few hours, takes on graceful flesh and the face, 100 times more repulsive when he was alive, changes back beautifully. Once purple or colorless lips begin to glow and take on color as if they had fleshly applied lipstick. The limbs stiff from rigor mortis become pliant and flexible, to the extent that you can move their hands as if they were clapping.
  • This miraculous transformation is scientific proof that the sins were washed away. With graceful flesh appearing, the corpse became simply beautiful. It’s all because of the power of the water of life that cleanses away sins. The grace like dew that solves the issue of sin completely, the Holy Dew Spirit that cleanses and makes it beautiful―this is the most precious Holy Spirit, which only God can bring forth.
  • You attain salvation when your sins are cleansed and your mind becomes pure and beautiful. Jesus Christ did not know this. Without any knowledge about salvation, he says, “Believe in me and you shall get eternal life. Whoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”(Romans 10:13). It only proves he does not know anything about salvation.
  • Humans are mortal because of sin. So, you should know how to get rid of sin. This is an essential point. Because Jesus himself did not know how to resolve this issue, all humans have been in total darkness for 2,000 years. They believe they can go to Heaven, even though they continue to commit sin. Jesus takes the blame for this.
  • People do not even try to purge sin, as they believe that they will be saved anyway. They ask incredulously, “How can humans live without committing sin?” As they have been taught that they can be saved even if they commit sins, they all have become sons of destruction.
  • As Jesus claimed to be the main character for salvation and behaved as such for 2,000 years, all people on earth have been misled and, with the sins continuously multiplying, they only get farther away from salvation. They race in the opposite direction from salvation. The blind is leading the blind, becoming all the more blind.
  • The worst religion is the one which insists the one, who is not God, who is not the son of God and who is actually the devil, to be the son of God. That is the worst enemy of God.
  • Then, should you rely upon faith alone without knowing about salvation? Or, should you become qualified to be saved? You should become qualified. Then, you should behave like those to be judged by the Law of Libert
  • In the book of James, it is written, “Speak and act as those who shall be judged by the Law of Liberty.”(James 2:12). This Law of Liberty is the law of conscience. If a person has a trace of lustful thought, he or she would be judged by the Law of Liberty. To keep the Law of Liberty, one’s thought must not be tainted by even a trace of lust.
  • You touch a microphone with greed, but until you snatch and stash it away in your pocket, it does not constitute a crime. But under the Law of Liberty the moment the greed kicks in, you have committed theft.
  • You are not guilty of murder even if, driven by excessive impulse, you grab a gun or pistol. But under the Law of Liberty, at the very onset of hatred, you are guilty of murder. The Law of Liberty is about your mind and thought. Sin should be uprooted from there
  • Therefore, those of you who listen to my sermon today, should not sin in mind and thought. Sin should be uprooted by cleansing your thoughts.
  • Of course, in this world full of sins, such as lust, stubbornness, arrogance, jealousy and hatred, it is not simple to just get rid of them
  • To have nothing to do with sin, you must do your best not to sin and you should have your sins cleansed. You should wash them away with the Water of Life, be connected with the grace like dew, and bloom beautifully with the Holy Dew Spirit. And I am the very one who teaches the way, washes away your sins, resolves the issue of sin, and finally gives you salvation. You should know the precious value of what I offer and follow me.
  • Let us sing this hymn together.
  • (Hymn 526)
    Looking at the beauty and honor of God,
    I forget all the worry and walk on the holy path.
    There is the holy path with no sad cloud,
    I walk on the holy path bright like the daylight.
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