The grace of the Holy Spirit coming down unchanged even now

Gijang Faith Village by Jeon Kyung-ock (2)
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Pillars of light in the night sky over Shinangchon on November 1996.

(Following the first episode)
And this happened in the summer of the year.
One day in the dark dawn, God suddenly called and said, “Look at the stars in the eastern sky.” As the sky was not clearly visible from my room blocked by the 2nd building, I immediately ran to the security guard post after I received the call. This is the current location of the fire engine house.
When I arrived there, I looked up at the eastern sky and saw a large star twinkling along with many stars. When I called God and told him that I could see the star, he said that he could make the star three times larger. As soon as the word was said, the light of the star spread all over the place, shining brightly in a very large mass.
I told Him about the phenomenon as I saw it, and hung up the phone. But He called me back and said He would make it a few times bigger, and as soon as He said, the star got bigger.
After doing that a few times, He said, “I can make it disappear,” and the star really disappeared without even waiting a second or two right after his saying.
I was so surprised that I looked around, wondering, ̒Is it covered by the cloud?̓ The other stars were still shining brightly. And then he called back again and said, “It will come out again.” Then the star really re-appeared. It happened in front of my eyes. It was really incredible.

He showed us the power
to make the star
become big and small,
also showed it
disappear and reappear.
He let us know that
Heaven is the world of the

At that time, God called not only me but also other Chunbukyo Churches across the country, telling the ministers and the church members to look at the sky. He showed the star becoming big and small, also showed it disappear and reappear.
After that, God explained about it in detail when he preached on the Blessing Day. He told us that the most difficult thing in creation is to get rid of something than to create, and he also told us about the re-creation that happens 144 times per second in the Heaven where we are aiming to go.
In this way, when God showed a certain power, he showed and confirmed it not only to a few specific people but to many people.

Then, in September 1986, the four-year-old son of Mr. Kim Seong-mo, who was working in the Faith Village, died in a car accident. God said that he would bless for the spirit of this poor child though he was an unbeliever, and He asked me to join.
When I heard that his body had arrived at the mortuary, I went there. The limbs of his body were stiff, the fingers were stiff and closed, and the skin color was blue. I reported it to God as it was, and He said He would send him blessing and asked me to check the condition of his body every few minutes.
However, within a few minutes after seeing his body for the first time, the condition of his body already began to soften and the color to brighten. By the time the body was placed in a coffin one hour later, his body became completely soft and it looked as if he was sleeping so beautifully that I wanted to pinch his cheeks.
The child̓s father, Kim Seong-mo, also thanked God repeatedly and could not hide his joy. The father said, “There was something like a big stone stuck in my chest, but after receiving God̓s call of comfort and seeing the child blooming, the stone was relieved, and my heart is filled with joy,” and he took out a coffin without showing a single tear.

The blue and stiff body
of a child who lost his life
in a car accident began to
soften and brighten
as God sent him blessing.
his body changed
as if he was sleeping.

At that time, I could feel God̓s power once again by watching personally the body bloom with God̓s blessing.

Come to think of it, there were joyous moments in my life, but there were also difficult times. It happened in 1992 a year after I became the CEO of Zion Synthetic Fiber in July 1991.
As the sock knitting machine brought in from the Czech Republic had a problem and could not be operated, I tried to get the after-service.
However, the brokerage agent went bankrupt, and to make matters worse, the president of the Czech company was changed in the meantime. The company, whose corporate system was very rigid as the remnant of the Communist bloc, reacted very coldly.
Such being the case, we had to leave the expensive machine as it was. I was so upset and frustrated because there was no chance of a breakthrough. Suffering alone, I cried when I went to bed and my pillow cover became all wet. But I kept hiding it from my young sibling.

Then one day, I prayed earnestly with the hope that things would go well while looking at the picture of God at my bedside. ̒Give us boundless joy and delight, grace and smi…….̓ Before I even said “smile”while I was praying, something stuffy coming up in my heart was going down very quietly. And my complicated mind calmed down. It became calm and peaceful as if the sun shone warmly on the calm surface of the sea after a storm had passed. It was so instant.
The other day, when I read a minister̓s testimonial of faith, he said, “My angry mind calmed down with a cup of the Water of Life,” I wondered how it could happen so quick. But after experiencing how my bad feeling disappeared and my heart became peaceful, I was able to understand his experience 100% and I realized I was getting the grace of the Holy Spirit for peace of mind.
Later, the problem caused by the machine went very smoothly, with a technician dispatched from the Czech headquarters, and we didn̓t lose a penny. As I feel now, I think that the comfort of that time was from God, encouraging me not to worry because things would go well. As a human being, there were many difficult times when I carried out my work with insufficient wisdom but He always gave me strength and helped me out.

God said, “Not by strength, not by might, but only by the Holy Spirit.” As for the very ‘Holy Spirit’ that we thought only in the meaning of words or only conceptually, He showed clearly so many evidence which can be seen with our eyes of flesh.
The Holy Dew Spirit, coming down like drizzle and light rain, or as a fragrance or light, can be experienced unchanged from the early days to the present. In addition, many patients who suffered from diseases that could not be cured by the medical science were blessed by God and healed. We have experienced spiritual and inner grace, that is, peace of mind, joy and delight.

Diseases that could not
be cured by the medical
science were healed.
Experiencing Holy Dew
Spirit unchanged even now,
I have certainly
come to realize
the power of God.

As for the amazing ability of God’s Holy Spirit, it seems too difficult to accurately describe the intensity of grace and its delicate feeling even with the most wonderful expression and its modification in the world. Although it is based on the premise that experience is very personal and subjective, I am well aware that the grace that God has shown is so real and concrete. So I have written down some of my experiences as I have seen and felt despite of the limitation of my expression.
When I recall this path that I have followed, I know that I couldn’t understand all of God̓s great grace because there were so many things that I failed to realize with my insensitive thought. Now, I want to be the one who receives precious grace as a proud branch of God by living diligently in the word of God aiming for the eternal world.

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