The God of power who extinguishes sin

Gijang Faith Village by Jeon Kyung-ock (1)
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I was born in Nampo, Pyeongannam-do in 1936 as the eldest daughter in a family of one son and four daughters. At that time, as my father had a big fabric store, I was able to spend my childhood in a rich environment. After the liberation on August 15

th in 1945, the North Korea was ruled by the communist forces and my family’s assets were confiscated because we were called ‘bourgeois’. My mother, suffering such a horrible situation, began to have ‘Hwa-byung’(anger syndrome).
Then, the Korean War broke out on June 25, 1950, and my family of 7 members evacuated to the south with the other people by the warship through Nampo Port on January 4, 1951. All the refugees on the warship including my family were disembarked at the port of Busan, stayed in the Geoje-ri POW camp, and then dispersed after being transferred to an elementary school. From then on, my family rented a room at the top of the mountain in Jwacheon-dong, Busan, and started living as displaced people.
As we evacuated empty-handed and had nothing to rely on, we attended the Methodist Church in a small shack next to my house. After the retreat on January 4th, 1951, the school officials in Seoul came down to the south and temporarily built schools. I went to Sudo Girls’ High School, which was temporarily set up in Beomil-dong, Busan. Then, as they moved to Seoul, I also moved to Seoul with my younger brother and got a room in Hyoja-dong, Jongno-gu. I lived on my own and attended school.

After I graduated from school in 1955 and came down to my house in Busan, I found that my mother had been attending God’s assembly. Her long-suffering ‘Hwa-byung’(anger syndrome) was healed as if it had been washed away and she was attending every assembly God held. Then, after a while, a Chunbukyo Church was built in Daeshin-dong and she attended there. My mother kept encouraging my father and us to go to Chunbukyo Church together because she was so sure about the grace she received. At first, I didn’t feel like going, but seeing that my mother was so happy after getting cured of her illness, I thought I should obey my mother. As a daughter who had not been able to help her medically, I felt at least I should obey her. So, I began to attend Daeshin-dong Chunbukyo Church in Busan. My father who didn’t want to go to church initially also followed what my mother said for the peace of the family.

In the cold winter of 1956, it was when I went to Daeshin-dong Chunbukyo Church in Busan. After a sermon during the service, God came down from the altar and laid his hands on everyone who was seated. It was my turn, and as soon as God touched me on the head, my throat felt hot and the hot energy spread to my chest, heating my heart. And the hot feeling spread throughout the blood vessels from the chest to the whole body. My whole body became as hot as a fireball. After a while, the hot energy slowly disappeared. It was the first time I received the Holy Spirit of Fire.
While attending the church, I experienced various kinds of grace, such as the smell of burning sin and the sweet fragrance. Along with those experiences, I began to realize it’s being a true path as I listened to His sermons.

I began to realize it’s being a true path as I listened to His sermons.
As I experienced the power of God,
I became more convinced as my vague thought about salvation became more concrete.

In December 1957, all of my family moved into Sosa Faith Village as the first settlers. My father was a very straightforward person and worked as the head of the general affairs department. I first joined the sales department and later moved to the accounting department. Then, as Dukso Faith Village was built, my family moved into Dukso Faith Village as the first settlers in 1962.
When I was in Dukso Faith Village, I was healed of my illness twice after having His hands laid on me.
One time, I had a stomachache. As I got tired, I started to have indigestion. And later, it was not just that I couldn’t digest. To eat something was painful as it scratches my stomach, and I had black spots on my fac

e even though I was young in my 20s. As I couldn’t stand the pain, I went to God’s house to have His hands laid on me. At that time, there were many people who came to God’s house to get His hands laid on. I waited for my turn among them. In my turn, I said I came here because my stomach hurt so much, and God slapped the upper part of my stomach with the back of His hand, just enough to touch the cloth and said, “It’s done.” I felt a little bit unhappy as He laid His hands on me so slightly, and came back home still feeling insufficient.

That night, I went to God to have His hands laid on me in my dream, and it was my turn. God made me stand up and hit me hard with both hands, saying “shh! shh!” on my back and stomach. I woke up surprised by the sound of blessing, but it was a dream. Since then, the symptoms of stomach pain completely disappeared. It was autumn. When my mother steamed the hard corn, I could eat all of it without any problem and I was able to eat any kinds of food.
I remember another story. It was a cold winter day. Whenever I breathed, there was a stinging pain in the diaphragm under the right rib and it was surprisingly painful. I should be able to breathe in and out naturally, but it hurt so much that I had no choice but to breathe very carefully and consciously every time I breathed.
Since I was in such a pain, Ahn Ye-seok, who was in charge of the accounting department, took me to God to have His hands laid on me. Since it was a cold winter, I wore thick winter clothes and walked on the snow-covered road braving the cold Han River wind from the factory area to God’s office. When we arrived, Director Ahn, referring to me, told Him that I was sick. Upon hearing that while taking care of other business, He lightly tapped me on my thick clothes. I had no time to take off the winter clothes, but He said it was done. Even though God said it was done, on my way back home, every breath was still hard and stinging. I thought to myself ‘Maybe it’s because I’m wearing too thick clothes….’ But after a few hours later in the afternoon I suddenly felt my breathing become very comfortable. I took a deep breath and nothing happened. I got cured without realizing it.
Whether I was wearing thick or thin clothes, whether He laid His hands hard or lightly, if God says it’s done, it means that God’s power worked. But the fact that I doubted and felt insufficient at that time indicates my faith was very immature. Whenever I think about it now, I feel sorry for God. People who had seen their finger bones thinning, people who had touched them and felt them,

Jeon Kyung-ock              Gijang Faith Village

and many people who had witnessed the scene right before their eyes, couldn’t help but be amazed by this miracle.

It was the day God showed us His power to extinguish sin clearly by blessing us and showing us that bones were thinning. As I experienced the change of my body with the Holy Spirit, I became more convinced as my vague thought about salvation became more concrete.

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